You wanna wee bic?

We have a serious case of baby talk happening at our house at the moment, on a daily basis. 

Mr.2 is technically no longer a baby of course, and like most 2 year olds is now striving to show us just how independent he can be.  “NO Mummy, go awaaay, I’ll do it”.  I’m not one to argue with that – the more he can do himself, the less I have to do!

However, someone in this family is clearly struggling to let go of the fact Mr. 2 is no longer a cherubic, helpless little baby.

Each morning at breakfast there’s baby talk of some sort going on.  It generally goes like this… “You wanna wee bic?” (Would you like Weetbix?)  “”You wanna wanna?”  (Would you like it?)  “You wan Daddy brek-west?”  (Would you like some of Daddy’s breakfast?)  “You wan Vegemite toasts?”  (Would you like some Vegemite toast?) — all communicated in a pitch significantly higher than usual (go about an octave up).

This isn’t helped by the way Mr.2 responds either.  He’s a little charmer, and he’s got his response down to a fine art.  He also raises his pitch and ever so sweetly replies, “Ya”, or “Wee bic, ya” – adding this sort of Swedish/German accent into the mix (??!).  Unfortunately this has the sole effect of melting your heart….and so the baby talk persists. 

If you hadn’t guessed, it isn’t me who’s finding it hard to let go, it’s my husband. 

Now since we are apparently not having a third child – yeah, I’m done – I think it’s important we don’t baby Mr.2.  The problem is I still find myself carrying him around perhaps a little too much…because I know soon he’ll be too heavy for that…and I still call him my baby a lot of the time. 

I asked my husband whether he’s still going to be asking Mr.2 ”You wanna wee bic?” when he’s 12.  He chuckled in a ”probably not..but I can’t guarantee anything” kind of way.  Hmmm!

The reality is however, we will soon have to cut out the baby talk and give Mr.2 full opportunity to grow up. 

That also means winding up “You wanna wick-wish?” 

Mr.2 looooves licorice 😉


One response to “You wanna wee bic?

  1. Oh do you have too? they are just to damm cute! Before you do make sure you audio record some of their sweet words. I have a little portable voice recorder and even now only 2 years on, the audio I have of Finn singing the ABC song is just too cute – can’t imagine how lovely it will seem when he is 20! Also last year I did the birthday interview from your idea and though less than I year ago still so much has changed. Can we just freeze them in time????

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