In the mood for good food

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about FOOD.  (Ahhhhh, fooooood.)  Recipes aside, I’m talking about books on nutrition – the science behind the impact what we consume has on the body.  And not just on the body I discovered, but on the mind. 

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, this topic, but I find it fascinating. 

I guess what fuelled my desire to learn more about this was the fact that a) I’ve had enough of hardcore diets that just make me cranky and craving a block of Cadbury’s b) I am in my mid-thirties now and want to eat for optimal health, not just to maintain my weight c) I was curious about the claim that foods can improve your mood as well, not just improve the body.

While educating myself, I slowly changed what food I ate, and introduced different foods.  Now, I weigh less than I did on my wedding day but eat full-fat everything, dark chocolate everyday, and exercise moderately – nothing overly strenuous.  Some walking, a bit of cycling.

My theory is (and it’s not just mine) if something is low-fat and packed full of sweeteners, thickeners, and additives, it will not only make you unhealthy, it will make you fat. 

Based on what I’ve read that seemed most logical to me, I devised these guidelines for myself.  And aside from this, I eat what I like. 

1. No additives (flavourings/colourings/sweeteners/thickeners etc)

2. Eat as much food in its raw form as possible

3. No alcohol (hard but works)

4. No pasta or white rice

5. No refined sugar

6. Lots of oily fish, much less meat

7. No “low-fat” stuff.  Full-fat only please!

Looking over that list, I can confirm I break No.5 every week – no refined sugar.  I love to bake, and who’s not going to sample their own baked goods?!  😉  Funnily enough, I stick to the others without difficulty.

Now that sounds like a horrible list, probably, but for me, the pleasure in eating everything full-fat makes up for the others.  And the fact I don’t seem to have to sweat it out at the gym religiously in order to fit into my clothes.  At last!


4 responses to “In the mood for good food

  1. I don’t think our household would survive without pasta! My boys I think would grieve for it!

    Other than that Michael Pollans classic quote, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” and the other rule, don’t buy anything that your grandmother would have not recognised are rules that I try to go by.

    • My boys eat my share of pasta along with theirs! Certainly don’t restrict them. They eat huge amounts…I’m not sure where it all goes. Michael Pollan’s book was one of the ones I read – a great book.

  2. That’s a really sensible list of food guidelines. I reckon low-fat food is often fake, bad, unhealthy and unsatisfying. I’d rather eat a tiny piece of decadent chocolate cake than a whole bag of low-fat cookies.

    Do you eat full fat dairy? I drink skim milk and that seems to be my only exception to the ‘full fat everything’ rule. I drank full fat milk in my coffee for a while, but realised skim milk still satisfied me and tasted (almost!) the same.

    My food ‘rule’ is to eat food as close to its natural source as possible. Except for baked goods. There are no rules when it comes to homemade brownies 🙂 xxx

  3. Hi Jane, no I don’t have full fat dairy! Everything else is full fat though (and I don’t avoid fat if it’s in natural, healthy food eg. nuts, salmon). I’d eat FF dairy but don’t really like it. I think the body responds and works better without processed food and additives…and homemade brownies may not be too close to the raw food source, but are still natural as far as I’m concerned! 🙂

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