Why I love my tribe

Recently I read a post over at Mrs Woog’s place, written by SawHole about finding your tribe.  Admittedly I’m not quite sure who SawHole is to Mrs Woog, and vice versa – other than they are two very witty bloggers and seem to enjoy having a drink together.  Both qualities I admire and enough to keep me reading!

Anyhow, it made me think about my little tribe…especially as tonight I’m heading out for dinner & drinks with two fine members of mine – the lovely Shell at My Shoebox Life, and my neighbour Bec (I got lucky with my neighbours).  

And it’s only lunchtime, but I am sitting here almost squealing with excitement!!  Is it 7pm already?!   

There’s nothing better than heading out with a few from my tribe.  We understand each other.  We can be honest and frank.  We can laugh about each other’s parenting dilemmas…and offer support where it’s needed.  We can crack jokes about our husbands without fear of retribution.  Laugh about past experiences.  Swear like troopers without worrying about the kids overhearing us.  We can giggle and feel like schoolgirls again.

We can just be women having a laugh, and – dare I say it – not mothers, for a little while.  And this, of course, is made all the more fun over a bottle of wine or two.  (Yes, Shell!) 

Because frankly, there’s only so much exchanging of pleasantries at the kinder gate, discussions about pureed food, or unnecessarily in-depth analyses of toilet training, that one can stand.

I have a select few fellow Mums – most of which live locally, some of which are overseas, a few of which are online – who I have been able to lean for support and advice.  And more importantly, laugh at our mistakes together.  They are all so, so important to me.  

I’m eternally grateful I’ve found a group of gems who I just love to bits.  I simply wouldn’t be able get through this motherhood gig without you!


8 responses to “Why I love my tribe

  1. Agree 100%. I wouldn’t make it through a single day of mothering if I didn’t have friends (and family!) who I can just let it all hang out with. I get so tired of competitive parenting that it’s nice to know that I can be the total loser that I am and they will still love me and laugh at my tired old jokes.

    Love Shell and you are so lucky that one of your tribe is your neighbour! Score!! Hope you have a fab time. x

  2. I now proclaim you Tribe Leader. 🙂
    So looking forward to tonight! Considering it’s my first night out in 13 months, I’m beyond excited. Which means it could turn ugly and messy rather quickly. I’ll be channeling my inner schoolgirl over that glass (bottle) of wine…xx

  3. Love this post…just spent the week-end with my two oldest friends (30 years of friendship and counting).

    This line from your post resonated with me….
    “We can crack jokes about our husbands without fear of retribution”

    it’s good to get out the things that are making you crazy about your husband and having your friend say “mine does the same thing”…helps you know you aren’t losing your mind.

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