My little big boy

Mr.1’s growing up – much too fast for my liking.  Recently he started pulling little mini-tantrums, that so far seem to be containable…but that I know will soon become more frequent and more intense.  He also started smacking me on the face when he doesn’t get his way, part in jest, watching to see my reaction.  This I do not like but as my second child, it’s a bit like water off a duck’s back..

On the upside, he’s my minature parrot now..and has started using two words at a time to ask for what he wants: “fan on”, “dwink plweese”, “my bwanket”, “dum dum, Mumma?”

He’s right into dancing (unlike his brother!) and so when it’s just me and Mr.1 on Tuesdays, we have some special dancing time together, just the two of us. 

He can sing perfectly in tune, and when he recites Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, my heart just melts.

Although he is now a little boy, he’s still my baby, in a few small ways:  like the way his soft, fat little hand feels so delightful in mine.  The way I can still carry him on my hip around the supermarket.  The way he stops to give me a wet kiss before going down the slide at the park. 

The way he buries his head into my chest when I sing “Rock a Bye Baby” to him every night before he goes to sleep. 

Here he is at the beach over the weekend.  They just grow up too fast, don’t they?


5 responses to “My little big boy

  1. Beyond gorgeous. Seriously, I can’t look at these pics – they’re making me clucky. Can’t wait to see Miss A and Mr 1 on a beach play date over summer. x

  2. My girls are about the same age as your boys. I just want to bottle Immy right now, she is such a show off and parrot, tried to do a concert today singing Advance Australia Fair, then such a huge bow at the end that her head hit the floor and went into a somersault. She will be two way too soon.

  3. Oh I so hear you with our boys being the same age. Occasionally now when Nate randomly falls asleep in my arms I wonder if it will be the last time. I probably should stop him having bottles now but part of me still loves that time so much and doesnt want it to be over.

    Its a true paradox, Finn said to me “don’t you want me to grow up Mummy?” and yes of course I do, but I really really dont too! I think its why I seem to take an extraordinary number of pictures. I’m trying to grab hold of this time while it lasts and it seems to be slipping through my fingers like sand….

  4. Oh my….when people tell you that it goes quickly – believe them!

    It only seems like yesterday that my towering, lanky nearly-20-year-old was that young!

    Enjoy 🙂

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