For the cost of a cup of coffee..

Along with having seemingly developed a green thumb, I have also developed a few small obsessions around the house lately.  Outdoor lighting is one, but then that stems back to when I was a kid – I always loved lights in trees outside. 

Old wooden furniture is a never-ending obsession, and has been for some time.  On road trips we’ve done, my husband will recall many times me telling him to stop the car when I’d spotted yet another antique shop.

Another little obsession of mine is collecting blue and white vases. 

Yes…. I collect blue and white vases.  Sometimes, I’m really not quite sure who I am turning into (can only pray it’s not my mother.)

I don’t like new vases – the older, the better.  I collect them from second hand shops and antique stores.  Occasionally if I’m driving past a garage sale, I’ll run in to check for one – I almost can’t help it, I have to look.  They don’t need to be expensive.  In fact, often the cheaper the better – sometimes a few chips adds to their appeal.

My daily caffeine fix, my only real vice, costs me $4.  Recently, here’s what I also bought for $4 ($1, $2 and $1 respectively):

They look nice all stacked together without flowers too. 

I’d like to say I went without the coffee and bought these instead, but…

What are you obsessed with at your place?


8 responses to “For the cost of a cup of coffee..

  1. I love your style, Alison. Blue and white is timeless elegance. Don’t worry who else does it – the only important thing is that you do and it makes you happy! J x

  2. Anything tea- tea sets, tea cups, tatami mats and Japanese boxes to house all my beautiful tins, as well as all sorts of tea from the best tea shops in Sydney.
    What I’m manifesting is a gorgeous cabinet to put them all in, with a glass front on the top half.
    Last time I came back from Hanoi, I had 85kgs of excess baggage which was mainly due to buying tea sets at ceramic village, I’m so glad I did!

  3. quirky fabric. runs the gamut from old timey americana quilts to japanese indigo cotton to vintage pacific prints. looks kinda surreal all together i admit.

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