What a difference a day can make

This morning, I bought $26 worth of bagged crushed rock.

By the end of the day, I’d bought $65 worth…and made a start on my little courtyard fantasy.

Here’s the end result after about half a day’s hard work.  From this

To this

I learnt three things today. 

1. Bags of crushed rock are heavy.  Bloody heavy. 

2. Smacking crushed rock into the ground with a shovel for several hours is by far the best shoulder and biceps workout you’ll ever get.  I’m exhausted! 

I’m tired, but happy, because now comes the fun part – scouring eBay and second-hand shops for a weathered bench or chairs, old terracotta pots…and visiting my new favourite store for plants and paint:

And 3:  I think I may be developing a bit of green thumb.  Is this what happens to you when you hit your mid-thirties, living in suburbia..?!  Who’d have thought…


9 responses to “What a difference a day can make

  1. Be careful at bunnings, there is something that happens there that makes you feel like returning even when you don’t need anything!

    Great job, who needs a gym.

  2. Yes I concurr on the gardening….went to a party on Saturday night and compared what each of our veggie gardens were producing! That would have def not happened 5 years ago. Oh and Bunnings also has the added bonus of a childrens playground, perfect for wet days!

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