Back to reality

If there is one sure-fire way of being brought back to reality with a thud, it’s your 4-year old whacking you over the head with a Tinkerbell movie poster at 6:10am.  Just when you’re smack-bang in the middle of REM sleep. 

That was this morning.  

Yesterday morning, however, I had one of those rare moments that don’t come along very often – well, not in my ordinary life anyway. 

As I stumbled around in the kitchen, making coffee and getting breakfast ready, I checked my e-mail on my iPhone…and the screen froze.  Nevermind, I thought – at that point, coffee was my priority.  A few minutes later, I checked my phone again – fortunately the screen had rectified itself – and found 38 emails in my inbox relating to my blog.  Unusual. 

Bleary-eyed, I scrolled through them.. to find one of the emails was from the Editor of WordPress.  “Congratulations,” it read “your post has been chosen for Freshly Pressed!” 

All of a sudden, I didn’t feel like I needed that coffee as much anymore.  A post that I’d banged out late the night before was sitting on the front page of WordPress! 

What followed was a series of screams and squeals, me running to tell my husband, jumping up and down like a lunatic…leaving my kids to wonder what had happened to their mother.

And all throughout yesterday, comments on my post kept arriving from other bloggers around the world.  Almost all of them agreeing with my post (hardly difficult not to, really) and many leaving lovely, quite undeserved feedback.  I felt it was courteous to try and reply to them all, since they’d spent the time to read my post and leave a comment. 

But you know what?  By the end of the day, after approving and replying to comments – along with other things I had to do, like looking after the kids – I was exhausted.  Suitably amazed and on a high all day – but exhausted! 

And then, just as quickly as another round of blogs were Freshly Pressed, my little taste of blogger fame was over. 

I knew it would all end swiftly, and was preparing to let myself down gently.  Time for me to settle back into virtual anonymity again, whether I liked it or not!

So this morning, despite it not being ideal, it was probably fitting that I was woken by a Tinkerbell poster landing on my head, with Mr.4 shouting, “Look, Mum!  I like Tinkerbell and this fairy with the pink skirt the best!”

And with that, at 6:10am, it was back to reality for me.  I spent this morning gardening with the kids.  Messy.  I hope the plants survive.  I wasted an inordinate amount of time attempting to construct a trike for Mr.1, which had about 1000 small screws and a billion small parts, that still remains unfinished (I would be happy not to lay eyes on another set of allen keys in my life).

Shortly, they will eat the dinner I’ve lovingly prepared..and I know at least one of them will reject it.  I’ll offer up the obligatory serve of green veges – and inevitably end up arguing they haven’t eaten enough of it.  Which of course will get me nowhere.  And so I will use icecream as a bribe..

Then once my two boys are finally in bed, I will collapse on the sofa, scoff down dinner…and attempt to construct the trike once more.  (I know I blogged yesterday about men and housework.  My husband may clean, but is no handyman.  Sorry babe.)

Yes, my life certainly returned to normal today with a thud.  Literally!  But I am so OK with that.  I had my small moment of fame, which I’m aware many of us bloggers would love to have..and I am very grateful for that.  I also discovered some fantastic new blogs as a result of all those comments yesterday!

But today, I realised I like my ordinary, anonymous life – and blog – even more.


22 responses to “Back to reality

    • Thanks Jane, it was a real buzz…for the 24 hours it lasted! My kids are driving me nuts at the moment with dinner time. I feel I’ll need to write (rant) about it soon…

  1. Very cool. The whole thing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience with all of that! It’s almost as interesting as the blog post itself was.

  2. Awww, love this post! Visiting from Cate’s blog (Moments of Whimsey). Congrats on your moment in the spotlight! Had to giggle about your rude awakening care of Tinkerbell – she really is a mischievious fairy! So happy to read of another ice cream bribing Mum to get the children to eat their greens (well ice-cream does have calcium in it…).

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting via Cate’s great blog! I am a terrible briber, terrible. However my 4yo still thinks frozen yoghurt is icecream (almost… I think he’s onto me) 🙂

  3. haha I have the opposite.. my husband is handy but I wouldn’t say the housework is 50/50. I’m not complaining though, my job is the house, his job pays the bills. The only thing I expect to be 1oo/1oo is raising our kiddo-monsters together. hehe

    Congrats on your last post being Freshly Pressed! That must be a cool feeling. I just use WordPress as a private blog, for myself, and as you can tell, I read the Freshly Pressed blogs.

  4. Fun post about your experience. I found you on freshly pressed during a much needed coffee break. Think I’ll stick around though…hubby’s from Melbourne making my kiddies de-facto Aussies. We miss it.

  5. Congratulations on the listing but I’m sure like most of us your blog began as something for you to do. The fame and fortune comes along much later 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, and yes definitely began just as a hobby, to record bits and pieces about my kids and various happenings. I certainly don’t want any fame and fortune, though 😉

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