Some days, our kids rule the house. 

Other days, it’s a small, worn-looking brown teddy bear that calls the shots around here.

He doesn’t say much; I suppose not helped by the fact he actually doesn’t have a mouth. 

He’s also missing half an eye, and has had several body parts stitched back up – but has the power to bring us all to a standstill. 

He is, very aptly, named Teddy.  And he is Mr.4’s most favourite companion in the whole world.

When Mr.4 was eight months old, I needed to return to work, and thus he needed to start daycare.  I realised he should have some sort of ”lovey”, a cuddly friend or blanket to accompany him. 

So one afternoon, I held out two fairly nondescript teddy bears for him to choose from – a white one and brown one.  He smiled, looked intently at them for a good few seconds, then reached out for the plain brown teddy bear. 

And not long after, Mr.4 fell in love with his new little friend.  Teddy has been a huge source of comfort for Mr.4 over the past few years.  In fact many a time, it’s really been more Teddy than us who’s ultimately comforted him:  at daycare, during teething pain, the flu, bad dreams in the middle of the night…and Teddy’s helped soothe Mr.4 through more tantrums than I care to recount. 

When Mr.4 had to wave goodbye to his beloved dummy, Teddy was there to fill the void.  When my husband had to work overseas for several months, Teddy was a major source of comfort for my little boy when he was missing his Daddy. 

Recently, Mr.4 asked me how old Teddy was.  He was given to us as part of a baby gift when Mr.4 was born, so I explained that would make Teddy the same age as him. 

Straight away, Mr.4 stressed we had to give Teddy a birthday party, then – we’d missed his fourth birthday.  The injustice of it all!

Fair enough though… so we gave Teddy a small birthday party one afternoon.  One of the party guests was Blue Bear, who served me well when I was little.  Fortunately, despite their age difference, Teddy and Blue Bear hit it off.

That afternoon, it was nice to remember Blue Bear for a moment or two…which also gave me a new found appreciation for just how important Teddy is to Mr.4. 


5 responses to “Teddy

  1. Teddy looks amazingly like my nephew’s well-loved, well-worn and well, falling apart bear Bronte! There is something so endearing about a much-loved bear. I fall in love instantly. So nice to meet the creatively-named Teddy and his equally yummy sidekick Mr4. x

  2. We have the equivalent item in our house but our objects of devotion are know as ‘suckies’. Believe it or not they are 2 3M microfibre cloths, a blue and a green one. Finn when he was a little baby used to suck on the sleeves of his clothes or pajamas. So much so they would end up very wet and hence in winter very cold through the night. Hence I gave him a clean cloth one day and he took to it straight away, he loved holding and feeling the ribbon label. I introduced a second colour thinking we could use the other as a back up but no we now have 2 to keep track of. Heaven forbid we should ever lose them! And yes I know what you mean about a standstill, so many times we are about to walk out the door when ‘ I can’t find my suckies’ holds us up for longer than I can tolerate somedays! Needless to say they will be kept forever.

    • Oh that is hilarious Megan!! 3M cloths of all things! 🙂 James is a real teddy bear fan but Ryan is a blankie boy…offered him a soft toy but no he has two blankies which he’d carry around all day like Linus off Peanuts, if I let him. They are not blankets but actually his old baby sleeping bags that he never wanted to part with! Yes we’ve almost lost Teddy a few times and the drama can be almost unbearable…!

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