Housework maketh the man

This post may be lengthy, as I have a fair bit to say on this topic:  the impact that doing housework has on a man’s attractiveness.  It’s a topic I’ve been meaning to address here for some time.  So please, bear with me!

Recently, I saw “The Town”.  It’s a movie.  With Ben Affleck in it. 

Looking like this.

Oh, there was also this other guy in it.  Jon Hamm?  I’m not really a fan, but know a lot of you are…so here you go.  (I don’t watch Mad Men, but perhaps, perhaps in fact I should.)

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck is, physically, the type of man that many women swoon over.  C’mon, did the sight of those pecs not bring a teensy smile to the corners of your mouth?  Of course they did!

And if they didn’t – well you should scroll back up and take a second look. 

Or, you could just take a second look.

Anyhow, we’re all human.  Just like my husband admits he thinks Kate Beckinsale and…..Tania Doko of Bachelor Girl is hot (from the now defunct B-grade rock band.  Personally I’ve moved on from the 90’s, but each to their own). 

Back to Ben.  Perfect pecs aside, I wonder, does Ben help Jen where it really matters?  I mean with the housework.  Does he put those pectoral muscles to good use and mop the floors?  Vaccum?  Hang out the laundry?  Chop firewood?  Put simply, does he do his fair share around the marital abode? 

In reality of course, I’m sure Ben & Jen have cleaners and maids to help them with all that sort of thing.  But my point is, would Ben’s wonderous pecs really have as much appeal if he did zero housework? 

Actually don’t answer that.  Just stay with me on this!

Hollywood aside, allow me to paint you two scenarios that may be a little closer to home.

Scenario 1: It’s witching hour.  The kids are running riot – one nude, using the sofa as a trampoline; the other having a tantrum in the middle of the floor, limbs flailing.  You are tired.  Premenstrual.  You haven’t cooked dinner.  You hear someone walking round to the back door…it’s your husband.  He must have been to the gym after work, as he’s in his gym gear.  He is wearing a singlet and his chest looks amazingly taut, his pecs rippling, his stomach flat and toned.  He opens the door, gives you a kiss, and announces, “hi darling, I just wanted to come home early today to be with you all.  I love you, sweetie!”  Your husband then proceeds to get changed, have a shower and plonk himself in front of the TV.  You hear him ask “what’s for dinner?” in between the kids’ screams.

Scenario 2:  It’s witching hour.  The kids are running riot – one nude, using the sofa as a trampoline; the other having a tantrum in the middle of the floor, limbs flailing.  You are tired.  Premenstrual.  You haven’t cooked dinner.  You hear someone walking round to the back door…it’s your husband.  It looks like he’s had a hard day.  His little beer gut wobbles slightly under his shirt as he opens the door, briefcase in one hand.  He gives you a kiss and announces, “darling, I came home early because I suspected you were needing a little break.  It’s ok.  I’ll take over here.”  He hands you the car keys.  “Go and get your nails done, or go for a walk – whatever you like, I’ll do this”, and waves you off.  You grab the car keys and run do as he says.  You return a couple of hours later, to the kids bathed and in their pyjamas.  Dinner is prepared, a load of washing done and hung out.  The house, oddly, smells of eucalyptus.  Your husband explains. “Oh, the smell – just thought I’d mop the floors.”

So which has more appeal?  You can see where I’m heading here. 

Let’s quickly cut to life Before Children (BC).  Back in the days when pecs actually mattered.

Before getting married, I was part of the dating scene for about a decade or so.  Without delving into my sordid past dating history, after a while I loosely formed my own personal ‘dating checklist’.  I’m being honest here.  It went something like this.. Dark-haired.  Blue eyes (green OK).  Funny.  Tall.  Great smile.  Courteous.  Smart.  Good physique.  In a decent job.  Career-focused.  Educated.  Intelligent.  Well-endowed.  Romantic. 

Ha, fussy I know.  But do you see “Does Housework” included anywhere?  No, because back then, it didn’t seem to matter very much.

Fortunately, I found someone who satisfied the above (except for the blue eyes!) and things got serious.  One weekend, when we were lazing about reading the papers, as you do when there are no small children around, he declares, “I think I’ll scrub the kitchen floor.”

OK” I replied, and watched as he got down on his hands & knees to start cleaning the floor.  Energetically.  I watched as my husband-to-be removed every piece of dirt and bits of parsley off those white kitchen tiles. 

Was I er, floored by the fact he was cleaning the floor?  Nope.  Admittedly, at the time I was more interested in watching his Ben-Affleck-like pecs and toned latissimus dorsi flexing as he scrubbed. 

Silly young thing that I was.

I laugh at that now, as fast forward eight years and two kids later, do the pecs matter?  No, they don’t.  Does he still have those Ben-Affleck-like pecs and a washboard stomach?  No.  (Do I still have boobs to rival any Hooters girl and a stretchmark-free body?  Yes, but I’m a freak of nature.  Kidding.)

Nowadays, I couldn’t care less about the pecs.  Because my husband, despite working 10 hour days, will still help me cook, clean up, stack the dishwasher, feed the kids, change nappies, hang the clothes out, get up in the middle of the night to help settle the kids, and do other jobs if I ask him.  Without too much of a fuss 😉

Yup, I am definitely of the view that housework maketh the man. 

So men of the world:  forget pecs, forget six packs.  Instead, surprise us by donning a pair of yellow gloves, grab a bucket of soapy water, and start scrubbing that dirty floor..

..And you never know just how we may surprise you in return.

Those yellow gloves are so doing it for me.  Ben who? 

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you!  So what’s your view on all this?  Or am I just a sick weirdo for finding men who do housework sexy?


170 responses to “Housework maketh the man

  1. Ahhhhh…. I got stuck at Jon Hamm. Thank you! 😉
    I never liked Ben Affleck anyway – who wants a man that looks in the mirror more than my daughter 🙂
    *I am aware that the post was about housework but the eye candy distracted me!*

    • Thanks, I’m amazed to be on the front – believe it or not I dreamt about it last night…how odd is that. I wish mine would clean the shower. But he does a lot, actually raking outside now while I sip coffee and type. Shame on me! 😉

  2. I’ve spent a lot of time learning to cook fancy and exotic meals with which to woo women. I have been lax in domesticity. Out goes the Hugo Boss, in comes the Mr. Clean. Thank you for performing this public service. Besides at this point cleaning my house will be, despite everything, easier than forming a six-pack.

  3. Yip. Ben Affleck’s pecks are hot, but my man vacuuming the living room: H-O-T! 🙂

    Great post! Thanks for reminding men everywhere that there is a direct correlation between their sexiness and their cleaningness… (yes, I realize I just made that word up…) 😉

  4. A woman’s job isn’t to pick up his socks and underwear all day long that’s one fact that can’t be disputed.

  5. Just watch that scene in “He’s Just Not That Into You” that has Ben Affleck doing housework. Granted, it’s just washing the dishes (you only hear about the fact that he’s done laundry and gone grocery shopping), but it brings a smile to my face.

  6. Hah. I’m the houseguy at our home. Frankly it’s restful. I get everyone OUT before I start and it’s a weekly ritual so all hands KNOW when ha ha. 3-4 hours and at the end I head to the hills for speciality coffee and book browsing/buying. My wife is glad and so am I. Cheers brother – more men should! 🙂

  7. I use to tell my ex, “Honey, you would be so surprised at what scrubbing the tub and cleaning the toilet for me would do for your sex life…!”

  8. Of course men who do housework are sexy! A man vacuuming is like porn for women! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    • Thanks Kelly and for leaving a comment, I appreciate it! Mine does general things but occasionally, when he gets into the hardcore stuff like vaccuming and cleaning the shower screens, well..

  9. No, you’re not a sick weirdo. My husband is of the geeky persuasion and so never had that picture perfect Affleck physique. But, boy oh boy, does Hubby look yummy when he’s washing the dishes! (And we don’t even have kids yet!)

  10. Ah, a hilarious, riveting (Ben), and oh-so-true post. My suggestion for husbands in resistance to helping out: Greet him at the door nude under a raincoat and hand him a pair of rubber gloves. Then, when he is swooning over having just won the sexual sweepstakes, point to the sheet of instructions you have just posted on the fridge and vacate the premises.

  11. I think you’re definitely onto something, because while I sometimes get points when I cook dinner for my dates, I get even more points when I clean up the kitchen after doing so!

  12. Enjoyed reading your post in Freshly Pressed. I do not like Ben Affleck. Guys with pecs sure do look good. But as you said their good looking pec is questionable around house. 😉
    I find my husband more attractive when he is helping me in the kitchen or playing with the kids or helping me clean the house…I have been begging him (LOL) to get a flat tight stomach but now I wonder. huh! 🙂 I truly enjoyed the post.

  13. What a well written post- and so funny! A friend of mine’s husband got laid off from his job 2 years ago, and has stayed home with the kids ever since! Yes, he is what is called a “house husband” and does a fabulous job at it too. They save a fortune in child care costs, and he is absolutely relishing his new role. Some people…. so lucky….lol.

  14. This is so true. My husband does the cooking and the food shopping. I hate both jobs! He is fabulous! I must remember that when I look at his tummy!

    • Haha, yes I’d trade the grocery shopping for a six-pack on my husband anyday. Within reason of course…I don’t want Santa Claus. But, priorities..!Thanks for your comment – I will visit your blog soon.

  15. I’m a lucky one I suppose…my husband works from home so he ends up doing the bulk (read: all) of the housework and it’s greatly appreciated. Absolutely…a man who does housework is sexy. It means that he is confident and secure with blasting through the gender roles…and it also means that he’s willing to take care of me!

    • I really admire men who willingly and happily do the stay at home role (or more of it than their partner). It’s not very common here in Australia – generally men here tend to be quite macho and traditionalist – “Aussie blokes” – but this is changing. Thanks for your comment!

  16. I have one thing to say before I read the whole thing…what about the scene where he was doing chin-ups? I wish I could have just pushed pause at the movie theater. Okay back to your blog…

  17. There’s love and then there’s lust. My husband cleans the toilets and vacuums. That (among other things) inspires love. He also has great shoulders and thighs. That inspires lust. (Yes, I am a lucky woman!) But without the love, the lust wouldn’t count for much.

  18. Okay I’m back. First of all CONGRATS ON BEING FRESHLY PRESSED. Secondly, so glad you were freshly pressed (again) because that was an awesome post. Thirdly: I have that husband. I consider myself the luckiest girl in my circle of friends/family/smallish town/America/Earth. I am a freak who likes to clean so my house is always looking and smelling great, but I also work from home and have the time for that. My husband shops and cooks and ANYTHING else I need him to do – often without even being asked. He even puts the lid down on the toilet. YUP! He’s a keeper! And he always looks and smells good to boot. Eat Joe’s shorts Ben!! (I said that for Joe’s benefit. I still kinda lust after the Ben of that movie – yummy).

    • Oh thanks for returning with another comment and for reading my post. I appreciate your kind words. I’ll visit your blog. Your hubby sounds wonderful. (ps it’s still OK to lust after Ben…really it is).

  19. Have to say… I think you are absolutely correct! Reminds me of The Five Love Languages. I am an “Acts of Service” kind of gal too.

  20. Yay – I love this post! Having your husband help around the house with no complaints is the best! I read that the way to get men to do more housework is to show them how much you appreciate it and tell them what a great job they did rather than just tell them to do the work and then say nothing.
    So I do that, and I’m so happy because now my husband just does housework and I don’t have to tell him all the time!

  21. I know!
    I say this kinda stuff ALL THE TIME!
    So far to no avail.
    I only get help when I bash the pans around!
    Then everyone comes running.
    Otherwise they all seem to have forgotten me.
    But I haven’t given up the fight yet! 🙂
    I am going to print your piece
    and put it under someone’s pillow!

  22. Amen sister. I realized this weekend that my husband up to his elbows in the kitchen sink was hot, hot, hot. Then again, I’ve got a (up to now hidden from the world) mini van fantasy as well.

  23. ohh so true, I wish I can get a husband to help me with the house work 🙂 ( still havent married yet). Yeah, I think a marriage about partnership, which is one of it is house work. 😀 Plus, man is sexy when helping his wife (that’s what I think) 🙂

  24. Perfectly said. I was having a tough day recently when when hubbie suprised me by coming home from work at lunchtime (which he never does) and sending me off down the road for a relaxing lunch and some time out. Came home to happy boys, a tidy kitchen and a very sexy husband!

  25. AMEN sister. I don’t even have kids and I’ll tell you this. Nothing – I’m telling you NOTHING – is sexier then a man taking out the garbage and folding the laundry, without complaining.

  26. On our first date, my now-husband showed up with an armful of groceries and a pair of shoes as a present. As he was singing (the Beatles!) and preparing eggplant parmasean, I was in the bathroom calling my sister – “I’m going to marry this guy!” It was my second marriage, so I guess I learned from the first one. 🙂

    PS – Thank you for the eye candy. You must watch Mad Men. Yummy.

  27. Great post, all too true. Given we are both busy working, a cleaner helps take away that as an issue for us, however, The Brewer is the most amazing cook and does most of it in our household. And it is good. So I am blessed. Thanks for making many of us a little bit grateful today for what we have…. even if it doesn’t come w pecs & a 6pack

    • Mine’s the better cook, too. I really can’t cook to save my life. Because he’s mostly always done it!! But I can bake – which is what’s probably attributed to the disappearance of the pecs and abs, come to think of it. Anyhow, I like a bit of a padded tummy…doubles as a warm pillow! LOL

  28. This is definitely hilarious and at the same time interesting! After reading your post, I find men who does housework really… really sexy. As a matter of fact, that’s is included in my so-called checklist: “must know how to do laundry, cook, clean house… etc.”

    This is amusing! Good post!

  29. Very, very true statements. A toned hunk in front of the TV asking what’s for dinner (that might actually be a very, very dangerous… for him that is…) or a not as toned fellow helping out after a long day….. oh yes…much, much more kudos!

    • Thanks Rosa, and I agree, unstacking the dishwasher is one thing but if he gets into the bathroom to clean the shower screen and the loo, it’s better than a bunch of flowers anyday!

  30. once again a great post Alison 🙂 Congratz on being on the front page, your writing really seems to be taking off, well done!
    I’m another who’s husband once had the pecks … and has now gone to his belly. Just yesterday he dusted the house 🙂

  31. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed on WordPress!

    Excellent post!! So so so true. And a husband/partner who does his share of the chores is….OMG…just about the sexiest thing out! Fellas, if you haven’t tried it out, I recommend you do. We don’t care what your motivation for doing housework is, just that you do it. And trust me the rewards will come!

  32. Yes, helping around the house (you helped make this mess and these kids, you can help take care of ’em!) boosts the attraction.

    It does not, however, make up for too large of a gut. There’s a point where he’s just taking the easy way out by helping with the dishes instead of actually doing the hard work to care of himself. What if he stopped changing his underwear but still helped with the cleaning?

    • Totally agree. I did want to make that point but felt the post was dragging on 🙂 Helping around the house is one thing, but no-one wants to live with the equivalent of Santa sans the red suit and beard.

  33. I have to say, I had never thought about men from this angle before reading this… so thank you for enlightening me! 🙂
    I guess I just never saw it as a possible problem for my fiancé and me in the future. Sure he loves watching soccer after a hard day of work, but he always helps me cook then do the washing up! Now let’s hope he stays that way!

  34. Yes, Yes, Yes! And there has been some studies done that prove that men who do housework get more sex than men who don’t. Could be the secret of a lasting marriage I believe …

  35. I get the hunky pecs and the help! My life is good. Mind you, knowing as I do now that your husband cleans and is educated, career-focused… ah… well-endowed… I bet so is yours!!! x

  36. I love this post! I never think of the “helps out” aspect when I date, but I definitely think more women should consider that. Looks are important to a degree, but they will only take you so far. Hopefully I’ll be able to marry someone with the pecs and the helping hand!

  37. Great post – congrats on being FP!

    My husband is the ‘house guy’ after both of us working for 20 years and being stressed on how to get everything done. He does all the driving kids around, knows all the kids’ friends names (and stories), and keeps our house running. I will teach my daughter and son they need to have a strong partnership…so we can keep the lessons going.

  38. How true…we don’t usually have houseguy on our dating lists … but apparently “Samurai Girl” did…remember the line, “hey Jake, are you the kinda guy who’d cook for a girl, and wash up afterwards?” ??? I didn’t either, but got real lucky ‘cuz my hubby does heaps around the house, he’s a really hot handyman … just luuuv him to bits.

  39. Totally agree. I’ll take a guy who cooks and cleans up after himself over a guy who hits the gym three times a day any day.

  40. Hmm, I’m the type that prefers seeing him with the kids, playing, wrestling, reading books, etc.

    Housework is just “ok” to me, but maybe that’s because he does more than others I know. I don’t care as much about housework as I do about childcare.


    Great post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Thanks for your kind words I appreciate it. No need to duck, I do agree playing with the kids comes a close second (I just prefer to play with the kids than do housework lol). But there is something heartwarming about them playing with the kids, I totally agree. Er…that, and you get to enjoy a cup of tea in peace 😉

  41. Not such a difficult choice to make! Househelper over BenAffleck any day. If only I’d asked for this teeny bit of addition to my dream man back then. Never fear. I am hopelessly hopeful. Some day when I least expect, dear B will pick up that mop and do the most romantic thing possible. Mop the floor. For me. And do it well. And without a you-have-killed-my-style look.

  42. Love the post. So true! Once upon a time the top of my list would have included hot but now dependable ranks a lot higher than hot.

  43. What an amazing response to your fabulous post! My husband doing housework is far more exciting than some perfect looking man who doesn’t get his hands dirty or romp on the floor with the kids! Love your post x

  44. 1. Thanks for Ben.

    2. I totally agree with you. I’m already the type of gal who never cared much for looks when dating, but in a serious relationship especially, it’s not the biceps it’s the babysitting. I’d find my fiance infinitely sexier than Ben because my fiance comes home and does the dishes and offers to help me out. It’s that courtesy, that love, that respect, and that understanding that is sexy. That’s what counts.

    Very well written post by the way. Keep it up.

    • Thanks for your comment and kind words, I really appreciate it. I agree, it’s the respect and understanding that matters more than looks. Looks fade. I’ll visit your blog soon!

  45. I really enjoyed this… and the best part was for me was that I am one of those men with the yellow gloves and enjoy the housework (plus it gives me excuses to play loud music).

    Exercise is important but so is a healthy marriage.

  46. My husband’s job is seriously physical, so he’s in great shape. He comes home from work filthy dirty, jumps in the shower, and when he gets out I think he couldn’t get any cuter…until an hour or so later when he’s in the kitchen cooking dinner or rinsing dishes with our 8 year old daughter! He is really the best of both worlds. I never ask him to do house work, but he is really good about volunteering for things. And the best part is, he cooks at least four nights a week! If I had to pick between his gorgeous body or his willingness to help around the house, I’d have to pick the later, every time. Sure, I’d miss his amazing tush (lol) but a guy who helps around the house is amazing!

    PS – One time, my husband was whistling and mopping the floor really intensely. I happened to walk by and noticed how much effort he was putting into scrubbing those tiles, so I asked him what was up. He looked at me, clearly embarrassed, and admitted he’d been pretending he was a pirate swapping the decks! It was a tiny bit corny but very adorable, made me fall in love all over again 🙂

  47. Well my husband is thankfully along the middle somewhere. He is a looker (so I have been told) and also cleans once a week. I guess I am luckier than a lot. Can’t complain.
    P.S Hey fellow Melbournian. 🙂

  48. Great post – this is valuable information. But what happens if husband and wife have differing definitions of “clean”? What happens if his reward for stacking the dishwasher is a critique of his stacking technique? What happens if the wife would rather cook the dinner herself than take a chance on her hubby’s cooking?

  49. Nothing is sexier than when my husband scrubs the toilet. He also cleans the kitchen and has great pecs. I think I’ll go thank him for marrying me all those years ago. 🙂

  50. I couldn’t agree more! A man who does housework, especially one who does it well and often, is mighty attractive indeed. A clean house makes me giddy with the freedom it brings
    —freedom to do far more fun things!

  51. But, Mumma, I signed up for “stay at home,” not “work at home!” Seriously, I think the gloves, not the jobs, do it for your husband. You’ve given me an idea for a whole new approach to intimacy…

  52. Ha, this is great! You’re definitely not alone in finding men who help out around the house attractive. I think it would add a great deal to the relationship if he’s considerate enough to take into account that you’ve probably been dealing with what he’s been dealing with, and then some.

    I’m thinking this factor will be added to my ‘list of things to look for’. Thanks for opening my eyes to look past the pecs and other… goods 🙂

  53. Thanks for giving my wife all ammunition she needs in our battle over who should do the housework!

    She says looking after the kids is a full time job and I remind her I carry heavy stuff round all day.

    I wear the trousers in our house ……………………. you can see them under my apron.

    cheshire house removals

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  55. Congratulations for making it to FP. Me and my friend keep discussing this topic over phone. You are so blessed that your husband helps you around the house..some of us aren’t that lucky, and in some cultures (read South Asian) men consider it beneath them to help out with house chores. Yes, it is true..they think it is a woman’s job to maintain the whole house, raise kids all by herself, cook, clean , serve round the clock untill everyone is in bed..That is why so many women leave their careers behind in order to fulfill their *wifely duties*. sigh! Some never bother to pursue higher education as they know once they are married the only *job* they will have will be house work.

    I also left my career as an Art teacher at university level to get married. It has been three years now..sigh! I am going back to uni next year, will make sure my husband helps me maintain our house on regular basis.

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  57. Really funny and thought-provoking post! 🙂 Being 21 years old, I am (unfortunately) at that stage in life where looks matter. A lot.

    But, thank you so much for the.. er.. warning! “Should clean house” will be right at the top of my list from now on! 😀

    Keep writing!


  58. I love this post 🙂 My boyfriend likes to do housework more than I do. I love him more for it. You were right though, it was never in the early criteria. But I love him more for it. Having a man who does housework voluntarily makes one feel loved more than any other gift could. 🙂

    Congratulations on being freshly pressed 🙂

  59. We’re married 31 years and he’s still helping with the housework. I guess he’s so lucky to have married me that he gives me a very soothing foot massage when I asked for it. LOL!

    Congrats Mumma!

  60. I “SO” loved this post.. I don’t ready many other blogs on WordPress first time I’ve ventured out and “wah-lah” find your lovely post..

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  62. Really enjoyed reading this post, and what a great response! It’s interesting how tastes and priorities change as we get older. To a certain extent, activity levels around the house and body shape are linked. If your husband helps out regularly round the house – scrubbing, vacuuming, fixing and washing – surely this will contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle and through that, his looks. Strangely enough, we are considering looking into this link for a campaign.

  63. I must be one sexy dude; each day I get the kids up, get their brekkies, lunch and dinners, scrub the bath, clean the toilet, wash when my wife is out, do the dishes, taxi the kids and vacuum when my wife doesn’t. I’m still waiting to be surprised. Maybe that’s not happening because my wife is busy doing the lawn, washing the car, paying the bills and occasionally cooking dinner! Wait, just kidding on the busy bit.

  64. Just saw today’s post and had to come and read this one… how exciting having such a great response!

    I am completely with you on this. My husband does housework and helps with the cooking, etc. and it makes such a difference. Love it.

  65. Nice post. =) If only it didn’t seem like a fairy-tale… Sigh… (I have kids, 4 and 2, and can completely relate to kids bouncing off the walls! hahaha) I’m not sure if there was ever a time my husband came home from work and said “here are the keys, go do something for yourself”. What’s that like? I will give credit where it is due, though. He helps with the house on days he doesn’t work his 7-4:30 job.

  66. Love your post ! I hate to say it, but I am one of the lucky ones! My husband not only works his day job working out in the heat (we live in the NT) but he also works nights as a musician, 5 nights a week, 7 different gigs… and he will cook just as much as I do, spend time with our two kids and help around the house…. AND he still works out and has a good body! When it comes to other men I know, is that they are now comfortable with how their house is run with their wives doing everything for them and their children and sadly, not only do they not help around the house at all, but they don’t even have good bodies.. what’s with that????

  67. I loved this post! You are indeed fortunate to have a hub who will scrub your floor.

    By the way, congrats on making “Freshly Pressed!” In addition to the kinship I feel with you because of what you’ve written in this post, I also feel a kinship with you since I made “Freshly Pressed” yesterday, too. (I’m the one with the failure-proof pie crust recipe from my mama.)

    Your post is extremely well written, if you don’t mind my saying so. I love the ideas and the humor. You speak the truth.

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