This Saturday I’m grateful for..

Thank you to Maxabella loves for her Saturday gratefulness link up.  I’m especially grateful for it this weekend, as I’m up to my ears in Halloween preparations.  Um, and have a hair appointment at lunchtime.. 😉

So this Saturday, I’m grateful for…

Mr.4 and Mr.1.  Yes I’m grateful for them, again.  The two delightful little people that I’m hurriedly attempting to make Halloween costumes for.  They amaze me every day, as does the fact they they are actually my kids, by some sheer miracle.  How did I get so lucky?

Domain Chandon sparkling.  Don’t need to elaborate, but suffice to say I thoroughly enjoyed two glasses of it this week.  Liquid gold.

My local community.  Coffee made just the way I like it, without having to ask, at my favourite cafe.  The bottle shop owner who sits out the front of his store on his retro chair, smoking and tapping away on his Macbook pro.  The Chinese ladies down at the local bakery who get up every day at an ungodly hour, yet still have a smile and a laugh with you.  The new icecream shop just up from the beach that put a huge smile on Mr.4’s face this week.  The view of the sun hitting the bay at the end of the street. 

$2 shops… and the $4 I spent at one, to buy jars for tealights to hang in our tree out back. 

Mr.4 likes to call it our magic faraway tree.  So do I!

Friends.  One had her first baby, a boy, this week and I feel so happy for her.  She’ll make a great Mum.

Those select few who I can have a laugh and a good bitch session with, if need be. 

Friends far away, but who can still manage to put a smile on my face.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


12 responses to “This Saturday I’m grateful for..

  1. Sounds like you live in a great community… the image of the bottle shop man… love it!
    Have lots of Halloween fun! I’m making the kids costumes today too. x

  2. Your neighbourhood sounds absolutely perfect. The sights and sounds and smells of the places we all call home are so unique and heartwarming.

    The Faraway Tree looks fabulous. x

  3. What a wonderful list. It truly is the simple, close to home things that bring the most joy isn’t it?

    Love your jars – have been meaning to try that one myself. Am most inspired now 🙂

    • Thanks, definitely always seems to be the simple things that I’m grateful for…and not material things. I must be maturing! lol. Definitely try hanging jars from the trees – it looks really lovely in the evening x

  4. I’m continually delighted by my 4 and 1 year old boys too. Aren’t they delightful? Your faraway tree is stunning. And a community that people know you is awesome. So glad for your gratefuls today also. xx

  5. Oh I’d love to have our own Faraway Tree! What a lovely idea! Despite a lot of worry in my life, I’m grateful for my gorgeous kids, our cat, gelato, and of course the family who really ARE family (this counts friends who are like family). You know, the type who help you out when you’re at your worst and love you anyway. The ones you can call – or who can call you – in the middle of the night, when they really need someone to talk to. You can’t buy stuff like this! xo

  6. ❤ the look of that tree! I want to get some fairy lights, maybe drape them around window frames or door frames… still deciding, but $2 is a great idea! thanks!

    Also, thanks to you, I've given my window sill a makeover! I must blog about it soon and thank you publicly!

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