Christmas cards worth every cent

There are many numerous worthy charities that touch my heart, but one that is particularly close to me for personal reasons, is the MS Society

My Uncle passed away from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) aged 53 after first learning he had the condition when he was 30. 

A close friend of ours has had MS for several years now – an incredibly intelligent woman, who unfortunately is now wheel-chair bound – but despite this, she has a wonderful enthusiasm for life and assists others with MS at a Melbourne hospital. 

Earlier this year I reconnected with an old school friend and learnt she was diagnosed with MS, aged 29.  After school, we used to ride our bikes together around the streets as kids – great memories.

She’s now 34 like me, and day-to-day activities tire her easily.  Fortunately she is able to afford the latest steroid treatments for MS and credits these for allowing her to still be able to work full-time.  She hopes to have a family of her own one day.

MS is the most common chronic neurological disease in young people. 

Years (ok, decades) ago when I was in primary school, we all took part in the MS Readathon, which I loved doing as kid (being an avid reader helped!).  Unfortunately however, all these years later, there still is no cure for MS.  The Readathon remains an annual event run by the MS Society (did you know adults can take part too?) and while it’s finished for this year, you can help the MS Society by purchasing Christmas cards.

Even though it’s time-consuming, I still enjoy writing and posting our Christmas cards each year.  Yes I know some people are concerned about the amount of trees used to manufacture Christmas cards and many of us prefer to send an email instead.  Or send out a quick and cheery ”Merry Christmas” via their Facebook status…

But for me, that just doesn’t cut it.  We’re not that time poor.  And cards can be recycled.  There’s something special about the tradition of writing in a card and posting it.  (I’ve written about it here, and so has Claire over on her blog, here.)

So if you need some Christmas cards, why not support the MS Society while you’re at it.  A 10-pack of cards is only $5 and you can buy them online here:

‘Cause apparently, there’s only 63 days until Christmas!


11 responses to “Christmas cards worth every cent

  1. Hi Alison,

    I try not to make a habit of flogging my wares on other people’s blogs, but this seemed appropriate.

    I have been involved with the MS Society for a little while now and I have a fundraising thing going in connection with their 24hr MegaSwim at Macquarie University next month. The deal is this:

    Order a copy of my book, “Wobbles – An Olympic Story” before the end of November and $10 per copy will be donated directly to the MS Society. You can place your order by contacting me through my website: More info about the book is at – it’s a raw insight into elite sport through the eyes of an ‘also ran’, spanning the birth of the dream to what happens when the career is over; a story for sports enthusiasts and couch potatoes alike!

    Every little bit helps those suffering from MS and what better way to give Christmas cheer than a complete Christmas package of gift and card that gives twice?!

    Nadine x

  2. Hi, I will be doing another post about Christmas cards and listing a couple of people that others have mentioned to me, I will certainly list these cards too.

    Super thanks for the link to my site.

    I agree of course, the electronic card is pathetic and your friends and family are worth much more than that.

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  4. hi …. **hangs head** … I’m one of those group email and facebook status kind of people. The last time I hand wrote xmas cards was when child number one was born as it doubled as thank you cards. …. Can’t remember the time before that, perhaps high school, before email was the norm. 🙂

  5. My mother has recently entered a nursing home as a result of advanced ms. Diagnosed 20 odd years ago she has struggled with the disease from the start. No remission version sadly for mum, the continual degeneration form was the one that she got. So, I too hold this cause a little too close to my heart.
    Thanks for the link – I shall be purchasing!
    I sit down every year with my DH and hand write cards as well as a group letter.

  6. Saw a stand of this at Borders yesterday but didn’t have extra cash at the time. But I’m definitely going to get ’em for Christmas. I love sending handwritten notes to dear ones too. And because my child has a condition (spina bifida), I am very much keen on supporting any fundraising that helps research or strives to make life better to those suffering. I’ll spread the word. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your comment! I have no association with the MS Society, I just felt it was important to post the link to them yesterday. I’m glad that a few people will be purchasing their cards as a result. Best wishes!

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