Sun, BBQs and blog love

I haven’t been on the blog much this week, nor on the computer in earnest, either…in other words, to write.  Following a week of rain, we’ve finally had a nice stretch of sunny weather here in Melbourne this week.  It’s just been too good to pass up. 

So the boys and I have been visiting various parks around the area, been to the markets and just hung about in the backyard.  It’s been nice just doing simple things and I’ve enjoyed many moments this week watching the boys play together.  Now that Mr.1 is running around and talking more, the boys are fast developing a close bond which is wonderful to watch unfold.  We’ve also had a couple of BBQ’s outdoors for the first time this season – picnic-style, right down the paper plates.  Ahhh, at last!

My two little trainspotters

Somewhere along the way this week however – perhaps I’ve had too much sun – I lost my blogging mojo…er, again.  Probably because I’ve been consumed by my mental to-do list:  I have nothing sorted for Christmas yet, we’re having a Halloween party on the 31st I’m also unprepared for, and there’s been various general things around the house that needed ”doing”.  Like about ten loads of washing that had piled up after the previous week of rain…

Though, I did spend time reflecting this week on how my blog has evolved.  I feel very grateful for the other bloggers and people who read my blog and leave a comment or two.  It still surprises me when people actually bother to leave a comment on my blog!  Over the last few months I’ve received such lovely comments from people here and overseas – kind, funny, heartfelt, and supportive.  It’s always exciting to see what someone has written in reply.

It’s an amazing community, this bloggy one.  When I started my blog in January, I had no idea it existed.  Obviously, I knew other blogs existed – but viewed them more as separate entities, rather than a blogging ‘community’ as such.

I am also continually amazed (I wrote something along these lines last week) by the various posts I come across on other blogs.  I love reading blogs.  So much so, I’d rather sit and read blogs than a novel now.  In part, time is a factor – within half an hour, I can read several posts on different blogs that may make me laugh, cry, feel appreciative, feel empathetic, feel warm and fuzzy inside… 

Also, I love to know others’ viewpoints on things – who doesn’t? – and a blog delivers that in a uniquely honest and personal way.  As a quick read, I’m a fan of the opinion pages in the newspaper too.  But it’s not the same as reading a blog post; published articles have been edited often more than once before you get to read them.  I value how blogs are the opposite of that – unedited, uncensored and a direct account of the author’s feelings and opinions.  It doesn’t get more real than that!

I’ll be back blogging more next week.  In the meantime, have a lovely weekend.

Before you go though, do yourself a favour.  Scroll down a little until you find my Blogroll, and click on a few at random. 

I guarantee you’ll find content in there that’s better than the novel you’re trying to finish, that trashy mag – or the opinion pages!

Alison x


12 responses to “Sun, BBQs and blog love

  1. Love your blog, I don’t get many to my blog so sometimes get very discouraged to keep it going but after looking at yours & another sweet lady who has 2 blogs I will be aiming to do more to my blogs that I have.

    (((( Hugs ))))

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  3. I have been the same this week, this weather has been so good I just had to be out with the girls, makes me wonder how much blogging I will get done over the summer. I hate winter and get stuck in side quite happily, once the sun comes out I am happy to get out and be super busy.

    • I thought that too – being holed up inside in winter is definitely more conducive to blogging than when daylight savings hits! Maybe I need to set my laptop up outside somewhere…ooh that sounds like a plan!

  4. I enjoyed this post, Alison – I really related to it. I love your warmth and honesty. You’re right, this little bloggy caper is so utterly captivating. I’ve only been blogging for 13 weeks but now can’t remember how I spent my day pre-blogging. I’ve found it such a delightful, creative outlet. I am bubbling with ideas. Now I’ve hopped off my Pandora’s box, I feel like a thousand butterflies have taken wing! Thanks, too, for adding me to your blogroll – I am very flattered. J x

    • Thanks Jane for your comment and kind words, I really appreciate it! I’m glad you’re full of ideas – sometimes I am, other weeks not so much – but blogging is definitely something I can’t give up! Too addictive!

  5. I’m looking forward to seeing my girls play together once #2 can start walking. Great to hear how your two are playing together.

  6. 100% agree – the blogging community was a wonderful surprise. Unlike others, I am reluctant to meet people IRL as I don’t want to do anything to spoil the vibe… you know? A bit like two best friends not wanting to take their relationship to the next level in case it doesn’t work and then they can never go back. x

    • Thanks as always for your comment. How you work and be a Mum and blog, and still be able to spread so much comment love is inspirational! I hear you about meeting in person. So, we may never meet, then. I guess I’d not want to push you to take our relationship to the next ‘level’.. *sob*

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