A wonderfully wonky tale…and tail

This blog earns me zero income, but occasionally sends things my way that are too hard for a woman with no current income of her own to refuse.  So when a lovely lady (of course her name was Allison – though with two ‘l’s) from a marketing co contacted me and asked if I’d like to review a book with my kids, how could I say no? 

Books are big in this house.  We have hundreds of them and Mr.4 absolutely loves listening to stories.  We have book time every day – in my opinion, money is never wasted on good books for children.  

Surprisingly though, out of all the books we do have, we didn’t have The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith.  Originally a hilarious children’s song inspired by a joke, The Wonky Donkey was written by Smith and it’s also been made into a song (a CD of the song is included in the back of the book).  Smith has performed The Wonky Donkey to more than 30,000 preschoolers and school kids!

And if that isn’t enough, The Wonky Donkey won the Children’s Choice and Children’s Choice Picture Book categories of the New Zealand Post’s Children’s Book Awards.  It also won the 2008 APRA Children’s Song of the Year.  And rightly so: we loved both the book and CD.

I read Mr.4 the book first without listening to the CD.  We were both giggling throughout!  What was so funny about it?  The silliness!  Mr.4 loves testing out new silly words and phrases at the moment, so he found this book hilarious.

We then put on the CD – and Mr.4’s eyes just lit up when heard the song!  You can watch Craig perform it here.  The next time we listened to it we went through the book at the same time.  Then I left his room, leaving Mr.4 to listen to the song again…

About 20 minutes later I hadn’t heard a peep from him.  As I passed his room I saw him up on his bed still flipping through the book, listening to the CD.  Cool, I thought. 

Over an hour later, Mr.4 was still in his room, having re-played the CD several times himself and was just happily playing while listening to it over and over!   

I think so many recent children’s books are written to address behaviours (being kind, manners), events (like losing a tooth, starting school) – that it’s nice to read a book that’s just plain fun.  I love it when books delight my kids and make them laugh.  Even better when I get a good laugh, too!  I’d definitely recommend checking out The Wonky Donkey if you haven’t already.  You can find it at Scholastic books online here.  Hee Haw!!


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