Saturday gratefulness

This Saturday I’m jumping on the Maxabella Loves “things I’m grateful for” bandwagon again and hitching a ride.  Thanks, Maxabella!

So this week, I’ve been grateful for…

1. The wild wattle trees growing over the fence in the vacant block next door.  When I’m hanging out the washing, it puts smile on my face and makes the job at hand so much less mundane.

2. Cheekiness.  The completely irresistable ‘lip face’ that Mr.1 continues to pull whenever we say ”lips!” to him.  And Mr.4’s infectious grin – that despite what mischief he may have been up to, you can’t help but smile back.  Suspect in years to come, they’ll be fighting the girls off with a stick, but for now, I’m enjoying their innocence!

3. The wonderful bloggers that continue to inspire and amaze me with their writing, that’s so often laced with sharp wit, much insightfulness – and a whole lot of laughs! 

This week, these posts in particular made me smile…and wet myself laughing.  Have a read!  Kirsty at 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle, The Not Drowning Mother, Mrs Woog of Woogsworld, and the ever-amusing Kerri at Life and Other Crises.  (I’m not one for Simon Baker, though – sorry Kerri.)


13 responses to “Saturday gratefulness

  1. I do love flowering trees in spring! Someone has a fragrant pittosporum growing in their front yard along my jogging route. It always brightens my run when I get to that point (and it’s near the end…pant pant). The smell puts a smile on my face everytime too. And I’m so grateful!

  2. I just love the “lips” face on your Mr 1 – my Mr 16 used to do the same face which he would accompany with a snorting kind of nose thing. We used to call it “the bulldog”. That just took me back. I am grateful this week for having the family I have – it was nice to go away and know they missed me – getting home was so lovely.

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  4. What beautiful boys. I’m with you, Simon Baker leaves me cold. Here’s hoping we get better weather again soon so you can enjoy more of the wattle.

  5. I love the LOOK of wattle trees … but they give the kids and I horrendous allergies! However, I am grateful for a few things: my kids, my pet, my family, my friends. The fact that there is a roof over our heads and we are warm and dry. Not very exciting I know but it’s a start …

  6. I love this time of year when the weather warms up a bit (well it was warming up before yesterday) and things start to bloom. It does put a smile on your face. As do cute faces that your children make; that one is particularly gorgeous 🙂

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