The wee machine

It’s a real mixed bag, what Mr.4 brings home from kinder these days. 

(A bit like this blog, really – you never know what you’re going to get) 

When it comes to his art & craft, Mr.4 likes to give everything a go, which is great.  So it’s always interesting to see what new creation he’s going to present me with when I pick him up from kinder. 

Some days, we get detailed drawings of people (I particularly like how the stick arms protrude from the side of the head); pictures of gardens complete with rainbow, sun, flowers and grass.  Abstract works that personally I think could rival some I’ve seen in contemporary art museums…

And then, there are Mr.4’s ‘wee-machine’ and ‘poo-machine’ creations.

It’s well-documented that boys experience a surge in testosterone around ages 4 and 10.  Now I’m no child psychologist, but I suspect when Mr.4’s in a wee or poo-machine-making frame of mind, there may be a bit of fresh testosterone pulsating around his little body.  Hormones, eh?

This week was definitely a ‘wee machine’ kind of week here.  Mr.4 was on fire: riding his bike faster than I’d ever seen before…catapulting himself off the coffee table onto the sofa, a la Captain Mack (his favourite superhero)…sprinting around pretending to be a bullet train…deciding he just had to climb up our car and sit on the roof…

Yes, it was one of those non-stop, narrowly-avoiding-serious-injury kind of weeks.

So when I collected him from kinder on Wednesday, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when he produced an elaborate box & sticky tape creation, with a few feathers and a lot of hearts for decoration.  The boxes represent the different ‘parts’ of the machine:

“Mum!  Hi Mum!”  “Look what I made!”

“Oh, what’s that James?” (let me guess, a wee or poo machine?)

“It’s a WEE machine!!”

“Wow, that is amazing!  Looks like it would have taken you all day to make.  How long did it take you to finish?”

“It me took exactly 40 MILES!!”

“Oh, just like Mr. Tall!  It took you 40 miles to make it?” (Mr. Tall is a Mr. Men book, and Mr. Tall walks 40 miles in four minutes).

“Yep.  And it’s a wee machine, and if you are naughty, it will SPURT WEE OUT AT YOU and SHOOT YOU IN THE EYE WITH IT!”

“Oh gee, well I’d better be careful then, hadn’t I..?”

“Yeah!!  C’mon let’s go!”

Ah boys.  

They’re just absolutely awesome, aren’t they? 🙂

What kind of wonderous creations has your boy made for you?  Or has your little girl made you a wee machine?


11 responses to “The wee machine

  1. Oh bless. Izzy is sitting on my knee as I read your post so she saw the wee machine. Look what Mr 4 made. “That’s gorgeous” she said when she saw it. What is it? When I told her a wee machine she said what does it do? So I explained. Looking very worried that Mr 4 would get wee in his eye she said I hope Mr 4 behaves himself! Oh how she loves her buddy Mr 4. x

  2. Oh that’s so cute! He alternates between wee and poo machines…I obviously prefer the wee machines to the poo ones, in case it does shoot out something into my eyes.
    I hope you’re not considering a move to London, by the way!

  3. I love the imaginations of our young children and their ability to create such ‘fun’ things.
    Love it;”The Wee machine”!
    Jennifer (@jjbd on twitter)

  4. I love it! I’ve always enjoyed box construction and any art/craft activities working in childcare. As adults, the first thing that our eyes are drawn to is the box – the packaging. I bet everybody who looks at this blog will see that commercialism. But kids don’t. To them, it is just a box to turn their magical imaginative ideas into reality. x

  5. no wee or poo machines here, but my almost 3 yr old’s latest creation involved a LOT of glitter!! 🙂 She found it so fascinating she is still trying to pull some off and put it into her water to drink as “it’s all sparkly mummy”. Still finding the odd grain of glitter on my 5 month olds face from rolling on the carpet no matter how much I vacuum!!

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