Stackhat love

Remember stackhats from the 1980’s?  Here’s Mr.1, going for a bike ride today wearing his helmet.  It brought back memories: remember being free to roam the streets on your bike for years with no helmet – then suddenly being forced to wear a ridiculously large, bright orange stackhat?  By that stage I was a typical image-conscious teenager, and that tragic helmet brought my childhood cycling days to a swift end.

So I’m sorry little man to post these photos of you, because your helmet looks a little oversized, and you were also a bit out of sorts.  “Off off” he kept saying, tugging at the helmet.  I don’t blame him!  Poor kid.

But is it just us, or is there something extra cute (and amusing) about putting an disproportionally large bike helmet on your toddler’s head?

Not only did you force me to wear this ridiculous helmet but socks with sandals too

What’s really tragic, though, is that the stackhat is now part of the Powerhouse Museum’s collection.  How horrific!


4 responses to “Stackhat love

  1. I too had that nasty orange lego-type government issued Stack Hat. I found it helpful for skull preservation in regards to the local rabid magpie crew.

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