Aussie Mummy Bloggers Blog Carnival: Best of September!

The Aussie Mummy Bloggers (AMB) are again holding their very popular blog carnival again this month…and this time I’m doing the honours in hosting!  ‘Tis very exciting for a little novice blogger like myself! 

The AMB blog carnival is a monthly event where AMB members (over 600 now!) submit their best posts to be featured.  All in all, this adds up to some fabulous reading…

So please bookmark this page, then you can take the time to come back and read everyone’s posts during October.  It’s the perfect way to discover new blogs and some wonderful writers.

Participants – please feel free to copy the button above and add it as a widget (image) on your own blog, so your readers can find their way here.

Make sure you carve out some ‘me time’, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy some quality reading!  Don’t forget to give lots of comment love 🙂


Megan Blandford at Writing Out Loud – When the Twitterverse joined together for #FeelThemUpFriday, my mum agreed to share her story about surviving breast cancer to help share an important message.  One Woman’s Experience with Breast Cancer

Veronica at Sleepless Nights – Mummyblogging, it’s so much more than the critics would have you believe.  The Harlotry of Mummyblogging

Tina at Tina Gray {dot} Me – These days, teenagers think they are exempt from chores because they “didn’t ask to be born”. In my house, EVERYBODY helps out because I’m a mum, not a slave.  Teenagers and Chores (or Everybody Helps in This House Because I Said So)

Gillian at Cocktails at Naptime – Understand your man with this foolproof guide to Man Speak!  The Oxford-English Dictionary of Man Speak

Marita at Stuff with Thing – Can a 5 year old be a stalker? Autism and obsession, what does the future hold?  Obsession

Maxabella from Maxabella Loves – A demonstration of how a mother’s love never, ever goes away.  The Best Bits are the Little Bits

Emma K from Mommy Has a Headache – The Zipless F*ck and the Death of Feminism – Was Erica Jong’s book Fear of Flying a seminal classic or just a very silly book?  The Zipless F*ck and the Death of Feminism

Kristin at Wanderlust – After finding my voice after so many years, the pain of having to remain silent.  Silenced

BabyMac at BabyMac – The packing of my house has led me down memory lane, whether I like it or not.  Fear. Risk. And all the stuff in between.

Kim at Flufflepot – A very blatant message from “the universe” or a timely coincidence? I don’t know what to believe anymore!  A bit of this and that

Kim at Frog Ponds Rock – This post is about finding my creativity again, whilst still grieving for my mother.  The light is beginning to work for me again

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem – Heidi Montag, star of reality show The Hills, had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day at the ripe old age of 23. Has the world gone crazy?  Why The Post-Surgery Images of Heidi Montag Really Upset Me

ClaireyH at BabbleOn – Do you have a certain word or words that you can just never spell correctly or words that other people use which annoy you?  Wordz and Speling

Lucy at Diminishing Lucy – A light hearted post that looks at some of the things we can do, to give us the inner confidence to look good naked…..what do YOU do, for yourself, to look good naked?  Gok Wan – How to Look Good Naked

Katiegirl at The Life and Times of an Ordinary Girl – Ways You Can Make a Difference in the World: Why many people, doing small things, can and will change the world!  20 Ways You Can Make a Difference in the World

Nikki at Styling You – Most of my clients and readers are women (and mums) on the move.  Lifestyle labels provide the best building blocks for our wardrobes when we’re madly running from one task to the next.  The big key is the no-iron, easy-care and easy-wear factor.  In this post, I highlight some of my favourites from this season..  Women on the move: these are your wardrobe secret weapons

Lauren at Sparking Adventures – Once upon a time, a boy and a girl fell in love, and — as was the custom — the boy gave the girl a diamond ring to seal their betrothal. This was a special ring, chosen by the boy at a secret time — without the girl’s knowledge. It was unique and it fit the girl perfectly — one solitary diamond sparkling in a halo of gold. But it was not the ring of her dreams.

Amy from New Adventures in Dreamworld – I send a 9 month-aversary letter to my (still not sleeping baby boy.  Dear Flynn, Aged 9 Months

Jo at MumtoJ – We’ve been told to work on one thing at a time, but where do you start when there’s so many issues to deal with?  Where Do We Start

Kirsty at Shamozal – This post is about the inappropriate questions our children ask in public eg “why is the front of your bottom hairy?”  Public Conversations

Vanessa at This Growing Life – This Growing Life couldn’t escape the cold hard facts of Grand Final Week in Melbourne, when we found out that Collingwood is for girls.  Collingwood is for Girls

Cate at Moments of Whimsy – The Tribal Wives of New Zealand.  Tribal Wives of New Zealand, wk 36/4

Shelley at My Shoebox Life – What’s a Mummy to do when she’s not a girly girl?  Mummy’s Not a Girly Girl

Mrs Woog at Woogsworld – See how Mrs Woog survives living in the tribe of Lower North Shore Mummies.  BYO Black 4WD Volvo and Puffer Vest please,  and if you have a labradoodle and a Private School sticker on the back on the car,  you are going to fit right in.  Tribal Wives – Living Nicely on the North Shore

Corinne at A Day in the Life – The true confessions of a truly shy person. I’ve always been a shy person, it effected my at school, at work and, now, how I mother.  Shy low

Cat at Wouldn’t it be loverly – A letter to my little man on his second birthday from his slave 🙂  Two

Toushka at Ramblings from Toushka – Oprah’s favourite aussie things giveaway show!  Oprah’s Favourite Aussie Souvenirs

Norlin at Baubles, Bubbles & Bags – Have you gone outside of your comfort zone? Find out how one Mum who has been comfortable and safe in her own world, takes one step at a time to venture out of her comfort zone.  Going Out of MY Comfort Zone

MuffinMonsterBB at The Muffin Monster Bubbalug Blog – Bad things can happen to anyone.  Here’s What Happened..

Glowless at Where’s My Glow?  Goosebump warning – The night before her three month old son’s surgery, Glowless found some comfort of the sixth sense kind.  Do you believe in angels?

Michelle at Farmers Wifey writes about new beginnings, and a fresh new start after a painful time in her life….  Today is the First Day of Spring, tra-la-la-la-la…

Nellbe from Nellbe’s Gluten Free Kitchen does a Fabulous Friday Blog Finds post every Friday. Here she shares one of her most favourite of these posts.

Bronnie at Maid in Australia – Would you go to a school reunion? Bronnie Marquardt did and lived to tell the tale… Friends Forever

Eden from Edenland shares a post about being cracked open and having a broken God… Life is an Offering
Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM – You blog? About your kids? You’re a mummy blogger. Own it.  All hail the Dreaded Mummy Bloggers

Sarah at Just Me – I’m trying to transform myself from a plant killer to a green thumb & need all the help & suggestions I can get!!  Black Thumb Turned Green?

Deb at Science@home – has been answering kid questions again: Why are Daddies bigger than Mummies?  Turns out there are a few different answers, mostly involving girls 😉  Kid Question: Why are Daddies Bigger than Mummies?

And finally, my own post from September – because boy, do you lovely ladies know what you like!  A little light entertainment:  Let’s talk sexy men (husbands aside)


19 responses to “Aussie Mummy Bloggers Blog Carnival: Best of September!

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  2. Thanks for hosting! Have added the button to my site, have tweeted twice, and now get to chill out and enjoy all of the great posts 🙂

  3. Wow, have so far read 6 of the blogs listed (excluding mine of course ). An amazing list. I’ve now got more interesting things to read about throughout this month! 🙂

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  5. Oh man, I am KICKING myself for not being freaking organised and jumping onboard the train!

    Oh well, I shall comfort myself by diving into these scrummy posts. xxx

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