A bad case of blogger’s block

Well, here goes.  Following a three day self-inflicted blogging break, and a ban on all social media (why not go all out?), I blog once more.  After what feels like months!

It’s actually a little difficult to write today and it feels quite strange…so please bear with me.  For I think I’ve suffered from a rather nasty case of blogger’s block.  My blogging mojo just somehow disappeared.  

You see, my break from the blogosphere did not go to plan at all.  In fact, it is riddled with irony. 

I was interstate for those three days and chose not to take my laptop.  Instead, I bought a cheap exercise book to take with me, to capture my thoughts the old-fashioned way – putting pen to paper. 

I didn’t let myself down, either – my 72c exercise book is a third full.  That’s about forty pages of scribbled thoughts and feelings I wrote while enjoying some precious alone time, sitting in cafes and on the grass in the sun.  (Was quite pleased to see how fast I could still write, despite using a keyboard more than a pen nowadays.)

Reading also occupied any spare time I had.  Last week a friend lent me a book, called ”Who Stole My Mojo?”.  Shelley raved about this book on her blog here.  Now I’m not really one for self-help books, and at times this book did have Tony Robbins-style feel to it.  But it did raise some worthwhile points and left me feeling rather inspired.  

So after a couple of days away, I was busting to get back home and blog all my scribbled-down thoughts.  I missed my laptop.  I missed my blog.  I missed my husband and second child.  I missed home.  Did I mention I missed my third baby blog? 

As for my ban on social media – Twitter & Facebook – that was quite difficult.  It was tempting to press the button with the little blue bird on my iPhone, but I resisted.  For whatever reason, I knew I needed to switch off mentally for a while.

Then last Sunday we arrived home.  Amazingly, that same afternoon I had a window of opportunity to do some blogging, uninterrupted!  I sat down at my little desk.  Nothing.  It felt forced.  It was frustrating. 

I tried again that night.  Nothing. 

There was my exercise book, sitting right next to me…but could I open it and type out my thoughts, like I’d been so desperately waiting to do?  Nup.  So I chucked it behind my laptop and hid it from myself. 

I think perhaps I’d done a little too much thinking in those three days…perhaps dug a little too deeply up top.  Which can be a good thing…but it can be a bad thing, too.

I felt like I had to write this post in order to move on with my blogging.  (Therapy, anyone?)  Inhale, exhale.  Hard slap across face: lighten up, love!  There’s blogging to be done! 

That’s better.  Let’s get back into it. 

Where’s that exercise book?


12 responses to “A bad case of blogger’s block

  1. If it’s any consolation, as soon as I wrote about having my Mojo I completed lost it. Actually, I still haven’t found it again damn it. I guess it’s all part of the blogging journey hey? I’m sure you’ll have it back in no time. The main thing is you got to have a break away, sounds lovely. x

    • I would never have guessed, you’ve been blogging a lot lately! Yes, I read after blogging for about 6-12 months you can hit a wall. Hopefully will be back in the swing of things now 🙂

  2. it is nice to actually use a pen and paper sometimes instead of keyboard and screen isn’t it! I am sure you will be back into it soon – looking forward to what you come up with! Naomi xx

  3. Try reverse psychology tell yourself that you are giving up blogging for good and I’ll bet you wake up in the middle of the night with a brilliant idea for a post!!!

  4. Yay your back! I have been feeling similar of late.
    I’ve had no down time. I love my iPhone although it is to easy to click a button and be stimulated.
    I always make my phone calls in the car traveling between two kindy’s. I decided to just listen to the music and I struggled. Seriousy time out needed here. He he

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