Smooth ‘n’ creamy…it’s McDreamy

It’s smooth, it’s creamy…it’s Dr McDreamy!

You can place your stethoscope on me any time of day Dr Shepherd.  I’ll be a good patient, I promise —

Oh, wait a minute.   Sorry, was getting a little confused there for a moment. 

This post actually has nothing to do with Dr McDreamy of Grey’s Anatomy. 

No, I’m sorry, it doesn’t.  It’s not about sexy men at all, I’m afraid.  But do read on, as it’s most likely about your next favourite thing.

CHOCOLATE.  Oh yes, the creamy milky smoothness that is Cadbury.  Or Dr McDreamy.  Oh whatever.

Out of the blue I received an email from a clever little marketing Co. called The Online Circle.  They wanted to post me some chocolate to sample, and then let me give some away to the lovely people who bother to read my humble little blog!

Not just one or two readers, mind you, but ten!  And TWO whole blocks of it for each of you!  Giving away 3.8kg of chocolate in total, to be precise.  That’s a fair amount of tasty choc.

And not just any chocolate.  It’s Cadbury’s Bar of Plenty.  Here are the two I was sent to try:

Roast Hazelnut, Honey Roast Cashews & Chocolate…and Berry Fruit, Vanilla Shortcake & Chocolate.

Never did I think I’d be giving away anything on my blog.  I never expected anyone to even visit my blog!  So when a company’s willing to send some of you chocolate, who am I to deny you this opportunity?

I’m a nut fan, so hubby and I tried the hazelnut block first.  Wow.  So flavoursome.  Packed full of hazelnuts and crunchy toffee-ish flavoured cashews.  YUM.  I was very impressed at the amount of nuts in this block, as you can see below…

After a cuppa to cleanse the palate (we wanted to do this properly), we tried the Berry Fruit & Vanilla Shortcake block. 

This stuff is like a sweet explosion in your mouth.  If you have a sweet tooth or are suffering from a bad case of PMS, you need not go further than a block of this.  Contained in the chocolate are juicy sweet pieces of berry, and soft vanilla cake pieces…OMG.  I’ve tried a lot of chocolate and honestly have never tasted anything like this before.  It is so more-ish, I think Cadbury really should have put a warning label on the front!

So, would you like a block of each sent to you, for free?  Yes of course you do.  To enter, you need to:

* Make sure you’re subscribed to my blog (either via the email or RSS Reader subscriber links on the right hand side of this page).  I’d also be chuffed if you followed me on Twitter and Facebook, but it’s an optional extra!

* Leave a comment below, briefly describing your most memorable chocolate experience!

Easy peasy!  The giveaway ends this Sunday 26 September.  I’ll draw ten winners at random and winners will be notified on Tuesday 28 September.  Good luck!  (Please note giveaway open to Australian residents only, sorry).

ps. my most memorable chocolate experience?  It was 2008, New York City.  Eight days of shopping heaven awaited me.  Pennies had been carefully saved.  Day one, and my sleep-deprived body was struck down by the worst flu I’d ever encountered.  There I was, in NYC, barely managing to function, while the likes of Bloomingdales, Saks and Macy’s taunted me.  It was a bitter pill to swallow.  But I hadn’t come this far to give up now.  Through my blurry vision (I also had conjunctivitis) I spied stacks of chocolate bars on a sales counter in Macy’s.  I grabbed one, and wolfed it down.  Within seconds I felt alive.  Ready to face the shopping crowds once more, travellers cheques in hand.  With every sales counter came another bar.  Trudging up and down Fifth Avenue with chocolate on my face, my hands, my clothing.  I didn’t care.  I battled on, and in those few days consumed more chocolate than I normally would have in a year.  I left a hotel room littered with chocolate wrappers and came home – tired, weary, with a suitcase too heavy to carry.  Petrified, I stepped on the scales.  I had lost weight.  Yes I had lost weight!!  Such divine sweetness.

UPDATE: The Winners of the Cadbury Giveaway are…

Claire, Naomi Ellis, Twinpink2, NYE, Jacinta @ ModelMumma, Jo @ LittleMelbourne, Su Chin, Maxabella, Veronica and Ms.Dovic!  Congratulations!



41 responses to “Smooth ‘n’ creamy…it’s McDreamy

  1. Yummo – those piccies have me drooling!!!
    Most memorable chocolate experience? – would have to be the first time I had chocolate again after stopping breastfeeding with DS1 – you see DS1 had cow milk protein allergy and I had to give up all things dairy for a while – giving up chocolate was one of the hardest things I have done – my first bar was Cadburys and it was devine – coming from the UK originally i’ve always loved Cadburys the best – its just so smooth and creamy – haven’t found another type I prefer. the new bars look great – hope I win one to try! Thankfully my DS2 (6months) seems ok with dairy in my diet so chocolate is my little treat! 🙂

  2. Nom nom nom nom

    Well, the Mr bought me some hazelnut praline bars from my fave store, Haigh’s, the day after the Bebito was born…..divinity! I have never ever enjoyed chocolate more!

  3. I just discovered your blog this morning, liked what I saw and signed up to follow you on Google Reader….good timing on my part, I’d love to enter your giveaway…
    My most memorable chocolate moment would have to be a couple of weeks ago when I took my Granddaughter and Grandson to Max Brenner’s to celebrate my Granddaughter’s 5th Birthday…Oh the delight on their faces was priceless – what a glorious mess they got into but nothing some wipes couldn’t cope with….

    (Elizabeth aka ejay)


    My most memorable chocolate experience was at a girly sleepover with some friends when I was about 15. We chucked the entire confectionary aisle into our trolley, then when we got home, we put ALL the chocolate in a big bowl to make our own special creation that we named “Chocolate Salad”. Beats your regular garden salad, that’s for sure!

    PS- PICK ME!

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  6. A chocolate giveaway! How could I possibly resist that?!

    My best choxperience (ha!) – was where I used to work. Cadbury was one of our customers, and every time one of the sales guys went there, he’d come back with bags full of goodies from the store. A huge 5kg bag of cherry ripes only lasted one afternoon in our office… 😉

  7. Is there any other good chocolate than a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk? My most memorable chocolate experience was as a young child. My Grandmother let me taste a piece from her block of “Old Gold, Rum ‘n Raison” I have been a lover of dark chocolate (and alcohol!!??) ever since.

  8. Well mine was whilst on our honeymoon doing a tour of Europe. We were in Vienna at in early december at the Christmas markets they have (have to be seen to be believed I think) and there is food EVERYWHERE. You would think being a grown up I would interested in trying the local foods …. no no no I spotted fairy floss and a chocolate fountain. Wiggled my way to the front to get the biggest tub of dipping chocolate I could buy (husband will tell you I ‘nudged’ a couple of kids out of the way to get there first … but I would never do that! LOL) Then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with some chocolate on my face as the other half thought it was funny not to tell me.

  9. Oh me, oh my, you are speaking my language blogging sista! Chocolate, my sweet sin, my illicit daily indulgence – EVERY rendezvous with your succulent self is another blissful memory in the making! One could not but select a separate special moment with you – it would be like choosing a favourite child over the other! OH Cadbury’s long shall you have my heart… Sigh…

  10. I am a Cadbury girl through and through. Probably explains why I’m currently blogging about finding “skinny Tina!” 😉

    My most memorable choccy moment would have to be when I was on the bus on the way home from highschool when I saw my grandmother standing at the bus stop, 2 stops before mine (close to her house). She flagged down the bus, got on, told the bus driver that she had to give me something and marched down the aisle to hand me a block of chocolate because she “had been shopping and bought me a treat”. I was so embarrassed! LOL

  11. Ok I am following you by google reader, also both facebook and twitter now. Hmm most memorable chocolate moments… definitely in life’s simple pleasurable moments – a good book, a bar of chocolate, and time to sit and enjoy both (or is that too boring?). And I’m a cadbury girl through and through 🙂

  12. I’m not going to enter, as my nine-year-old has anaphylaxis reactions to nuts, especially tree nuts. But just wanted to say, I love your blog, chocolate, and McDreamy …

  13. Eating Leonidas in Belgium on a cobblestone laneway on a bitterly cold winter’s morning after my purse was nicked! (Bought them and a coffee with the change in my pocket!)

  14. Chocolate? Did somebody say chocolate?

    My most memorable chocolate experience is not for publication on a G rated blog. But let’s just say forget about McDreamy, I’m McSteamy all the way. x

  15. mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate!
    most memorable chocolate experience had to be visiting Cadbury World, Birmingham, UK with my Mum back in 2005, (obviously before we moved to OZ), the melted chocolate in the cups was so nice we back tracked so that we could go through that part again! (I’m drooling just thinking about how yummy that was!) 🙂 And of course when we came out of the factory we entered the shop and well, I’ve never bought so much chocolate in my life.

  16. Leaving for uni one afternoon I stopped to glance at the tv. It was a show about a society that HAD BANNED CHOCOLATE. I was very concerned. You could get arrested for having chocolate, you couldn’t buy it anywhere, not even for PMS emergencies. The show concerned me so much I had to sit down and watch, just to make sure it all turned out okay, then when I finally did make it out the door, my first stop was the store to buy chocolate – just in case – and scoffed the lot.

    My chocolate addiction had been threatened, however fictitiously, and I went into panic mode!

  17. Am a twit follower…and I have to say, growing up, I never liked chocolates. Guess my mom psyched me from eating too much of it = rotting teeth.

    But my eldest son, changed all that. He is the biggest chocoholic I’ve ever seen, and if given the chance would have chocolates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Of course, being a sensible mum, I’d never let him do that. On the other hand, the 8 year old in me, tells me to sneak in a freddo or two (or sometimes 3), after lunch. The 20 year old in me, comforts me by saying… “It’s ok, you never had enough when you were growing up”.

    The 37 year old in me… can only nod in agreement, with a choc filled mouth!

  18. Can’t let the ladies get all the chocolate Alison! So I had better give you a a good chocolate experience. It would certainly be a close run thing between the huge chocolate fountain on my 50th birthday party and the bar of Lindt, Teacher Mum and I messily and intimately shared on our honeymoon ; )

  19. My most memorable experience occurred in about 1986 when me and my boyfriend of the time tried to re-enact a scene from ‘nine and a half weeks’ (kinda – don’t think they used choc. But we did. Ahem).

    *clears throat and hopes her mum hasn’t come across this blog*

  20. I can’t pick such a moment, my life is full of too much chocolate. But if I had to choose it would be the lindt factory I went to in switzerland, where I ate til my tummy oozed, I am sure I smelt like chocolate I consumed so much.

  21. Ah I have so many chocolate memories, but a recent one was at Max Brenner in Melbourne, if you haven’t been you must! They have these super thick hot chocolates, they’re so good. Anyway. The only gluten free thing on the menu was the ‘Max Brenner 10th Birthday Cake.’ When they bought it out the waitress lit a sparkler and sang happy birthday! It was over 6 months away from my birthday! I was mortified! Tasty cake though, that I’ll never forget.
    You’ve been on my google reader since you reminded me of how awesome skivvy’s are!

  22. Well, i’m in the states so I can’t receive but I can at least share my own chocolate experience! While pregnant I had a divine knack for all that is cookies and creme ice cream. Every single time I took a bite my entire body jolted in excitement. Of course, not wanting to make the little one sick, I only could have a little bit. But.. oh my was it good.

  23. OH OH OH LUUURVE Cadbury’s.

    I have too many chocolate moments because I’m a bit addicted. I remember one year at Christmas hubby and I received a 1kg Cadbury block to umm… “share”…. and I umm… ate about 97% of it …. YIKES! But ohhh so good.

  24. Sitting in dark and dreary Scotland, its not a winner, but I thought I would share anyway. Not necessarily my most memorable, but certainly by first memory of chocolate. Circa 1979, Christmas morning, receiving one of the
    Cadbury money box dispensers with the mini dairy milks. You had to put 2p to dispense the creamy delights. PS, any post with McDreamy, is going to get my traffic every time, lol.

  25. Congratulations about attracting a chocolatey follower in Cadbury!! That must be quite a thrill.

    My most memorable chocolatey moment was when I finished my last job and my colleague handed me a very average looking shopping bag that turned out to be full of Lindt dark chocolate balls – best goodbye gift ever!

  26. I am a follower in all things Melbourne Mumma – google reader, twitter and facebook 🙂

    Also my most memorable chocolate experience is when I was first diagnosed as coeliac, my whole world come crashing down around me. What could I eat? Donuts? No. Tim Tams? No. Fish and Chips? No. Pizza? No. Beer? No. Oh dear what treats was I ever going to have again.

    One day in the supermarket my head all dizzy from reading labels and feeling down as I can’t eat anything, in the distance I spot a purple coloured block…could it be? Could I be able to eat Cadbury’s chocolate? My hand reaches out, picks up a block, I hold my breath, turn it over, read the ingredients….. NO WHEAT, NO GLUTEN! Woo Hoo! Thank goodness and thank you Cadbury!

    (fellow coeliacs, be sure to check as not all flavours are gluten free but lots are, Cadbury even have a page on their website that lists what is gluten free and what isn’t – so cool!)

  27. so love a giveaway – especially chocolate!
    here is my favourite memory.
    I went to live in New Zealand for 18 months to help others and on the plane on the way over I decided to help myself or challenge myself by giving up chocolate the whole time I was there – no milo, no hot chocolate, no chocolate icecream – nothing!!! I did it for 18 months and on the way home on the plane back to Australia all I did was eat chocolate! So creamy and yummy…it tasted so much better after a break from it!


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