Bunk bed envy

Mr.4 is desperate for bunk beds.  Earlier this year when we were on holiday, he slept in a bunk bed for the first time at a friend’s place.  They talked until past 9pm (Mr.4’s usually sound asleep around 7pm) as the whole bunk bed experience was just so thrilling and exciting for him.  As it would be, at age 4! 

Then recently one of his good friends Nathan got bunk beds in his room, as his younger brother’s no longer in his cot.

Enter some serious bunk bed envy.

Mr.4’s younger brother, Mr.1, is nowhere near ready to be in a big bed.  He’s not even 18 months yet and we’ll be keeping him in his cot for as long as possible he still loves his cot.

Try telling this to Mr.4.  I’ve had begging, pleading…the most wonderfully sweet and polite, “plleeeeeease can we have bunk beds Mummy, plleeeeeease?”

He and Mr.1 will be getting bunk beds one day.  I’m actually looking forward to them sharing a room and the chatting and giggling that goes with it!  In the meantime though, one rainy afternoon, Mr.4 devised this alternative strategy as a makeshift bunk bed:

That’s pretty much every pillow, doona and blanket he could get his hands on from every room in the house.  The little project manager then had me strategically fold and layer each cushion and doona so that we maximised the height of his ”bunk”. 

Oh Mr.4, you’ll get your bunk bed soon enough.  In return, Mummy just has two requests – endless kisses and cuddles, and that you stop growing up so fast!


17 responses to “Bunk bed envy

  1. I had bunk beds too, when I was a kid! I am a twin – we fought constantly over who was going to get the top bunk!

    How about a loft bed? He can still be up high, but there’s room underneath for other stuff.

    My daughter has one SORT of like this – http://merc-images.s3.amazonaws.com/1199/Bolton-Furniture-Windsor-White-Low-Loft-with-Essex-Drawers-and-Bookcase-Set-Loft-Bed/Bolton-Furniture-Windsor-White-Low-Loft-with-Essex-Drawers-and-Bookcase-Set-Loft-Bed_0_0.jpg

    Instead of a bureau, hers has a bookshelf underneath and a beanbag chair where she reads.

    • I love this style of loft bed! But eventually we want our boys to share a room so have to go with bunks. There’ll no doubt be some fighting over bunks or toys in there together but hopefully some good childhood memories too!

  2. I grew up with bunks and we loved them! Instant cubby house below or fun in the sky at the top.

    What a clever little fella he is making his own like that. Really impressive!! x

  3. I must be from upside down world. I got my boys bunk beds, and both of them fought to sleep on the lower bunk. Now, the eldest has decided to put his mattress on the floor..and the top bunk bed is feeling rather empty *sounds of crickets*.

    If u need one, do let me know..It’s an Ikea one..and it’s ready to go, anytime!

    • Wow thanks for the offer!! But I’ll hold off on bunks for about a year yet..how funny neither of your boys want to sleep on the top one! Maybe bit too high off the ground? Whenever I slept over as a kid at a friend’s place who had bunks, I used to like the bottom bunk too. Something nice and cosy about having the little ”roof” overhead..

  4. Me too, my 8 yo begged me for a bunk bed a few years ago, I got a really nice one and they now prefer not to sleep in it, instead on mattresses on the floor. The top bunk gets the hotter air in summer… they’d much rather sleep in a cubby house.

  5. Heehee sorry!!!! Can you believe it, Lewis made it up to the top bunk on his own for the first time tonight! Had to go up to get him back down he was sooo chuffed with himself! I love going in to tuck them both in before I go to bed for the night and they both look so peaceful. Not too bad tonight – they chatted, giggled, and played from 7 to 7:30 – can’t complain too much really for a 4 and 2yo! Til 6am when no doubt one will wake the other :0) LOVE it, Cx

    • No probs…can’t wait to tuck them both in the same room together, I think it’s great for them! James already plays games with Ryan (through the cot) in the morning, we hear them giggling sometimes for a good half an hour before James bothers to wake us up, so in a year or so should be good with them being able to chat and entertain each other while we doze 🙂

  6. I love this! Now if you could only rig a tent or cubbyhouse style structure over the top it would be PERFECT! We have bunk bed envy in our house too but I see waiting in their future 🙂

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