The bling thing

Apologies in advance if this comes across as a rather shallow post.  But I’ve noticed lately how bling is big at the moment.  I’m not talking about diamantes from Diva, I’m talking serious bling: specifically, in the form of diamond rings.  Is it the ‘in thing’ now to have a big rock on your finger, whether you can afford it or not? 

I was a bridesmaid earlier this year and in conversation with the bride-to-be, asked about her ring.  She replied, “Oh, it’s only a carat…but it’s almost flawless, so it’s a really good diamond.  We did a lot of research and bought the stone separately, and now it’s being set.”

Back it up a minute.  Only a carat? 

Another friend of mine was married a couple of years ago.  They did the same thing – bought the diamond first, then had it set.  I was almost blinded when I laid eyes on her ring.  I must say it was stunning.  I think she quoted it being 1.37 carats, or thereabouts.  In any case, she knew what the weight of that diamond was out to two decimal places. 

Back to bridezilla the bride who I was bridesmaid for.  At the hen’s night dinner, the girls started discussing their rings.  We had 2 and 2.5 carat rings at that table…making the bride-to-be’s 1 carat ring pale in comparison.  As for mine, well it was a mere drop in the ocean!  A grain of sand on the beach!  Needle in a haystack!  If you get my drift…

To this day, I am still unaware of the specific details of my engagement ring…only that the diamond’s a good quality stone & is nice and sparkly.  (As for size, it’s nowhere near a carat, it’s about half that.)  

Unbeknownst to me, husband chose my ring after months of window shopping, and proposed with the little box in hand.  I remember thinking it was sparkliest ring I’d ever seen and it was very simple – I’m a simple kind of girl – and I loved it.  I still do. 

My beautiful ring – exact diamond weight unknown 

When I was in New York in 2008, I noticed a lot of ring bling.  Hello, Harry Winston.  New Yorkers don’t do anything by halves, of course, and some of the rocks I saw on women lunching on the upper east side were  Diamonds so big, I’m sure they would weight-train those ladies’ fingers into shape!

Coming back home, I’ve noticed that trend here, more and more so of late.

Except last week on Farmer Wants a Wife, when farmer Nathan proposed to Amanda on national TV…with a small, pretty ring. 

I noticed when he presented it, Amanda didn’t take too much notice of the ring itself.  Giving it a quick glance, she immediately said yes…and firmly fixed her eyes adoringly back on her husband-to-be. 

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the way it’s kinda supposed to be?

And after five years of marriage, I really couldn’t give two hoots about knowing what type of diamond is on my finger.  Having kids has certainly taught me that there’s a few things in life a lot more important.

And anyhow.  I’m a south-sea pearl kind of girl. 😉


19 responses to “The bling thing

  1. I’m not a big bling person myself. I’m more of a as long as it looks nice, and sometimes it’s more the thought. But most of all, as long as I’m not allergic to it! (gold/nickel/metal allergy)

  2. I’m not engaged (yet) but I couldn’t care about carrots and all that crap! All I know carrots are delicious and are great in soup.
    As long as it sparkles and looks nice, that’s all that matter. After all it isn’t about the ring, it’s about the commitment. It amazed me how shallow society has gotten!

    PS. I love your ring! Wear it proud =D

  3. I noticed that Farmer’s ring as well and thought it was lovely. I have a saphire with 2 diamonds either side and I would never “trade up”‘ to a bigger ring. Nor would I “trade up” Mr Woog – as they are both perfect to me.

  4. I know what you mean. My first wedding ring was tiny, which I actually bought. However when I recently got engaged ( last year) my hubby to be wanted to spoil me, so I do have a big bling ring, which to be honest made me feel a bit embarrassed, although I’m kind of used to it now. It is beautiful and I love it, but being a simply girl with plenty of inner bogan, I wasn’t quite sure how to wear it. I’m over that phase now. Please don’t judge me at the Bloggers Conference 😉

    • No of course I wouldn’t judge you! I did see your ring on your blog when I was reading through it a while ago. It’s beautiful. I think it’s one thing to, um, need the bling when you’re young and foolish, as opposed to when you’re more mature, and know how to appreciate it 🙂

  5. hey there! Love it 🙂 Mine is a carat also … if you count the small channel set ones on either side also LOL. I have a friend who between the massive rock of her engagement ring… wedding and eternity bands (that she had all picked out before getting the engagement ring I tell you) all add up to nearly 4 carats of diamonds. The total cost is a brand new luxury car or house deposit all on one finger!!! … then there’s the ear rings 🙂

    • Hi thanks for leaving a comment! Wow. Yes I know people who’ve bought huge diamonds but are happy to keep renting. I guess everyone is different, but if it were me I’d forgoe the diamond 🙂

  6. I have a gorgeous simple engagement with a diamond. Contrary to what some of these women think, a big chunk of bling doesn’t mean your relationship is any stronger or your hubby loves you more than the one who gives his partner a smaller rock. Does that make sense, or am I rambling again? Tehehe

  7. Both my husbands (clearly at different times) proposed with the ring already bought. My first husband’s ring had very tiny diamonds – a fact that was pointed out to me again and again by insensitive and/or jealous people. But I loved it … We didn’t have a great deal of money at the time (we were saving like mad to travel), but it reflected my personality. He had really agonised over it, spent ages looking, even asked his Mum’s opinion. So even though it was small and not that expensive, it meant a lot.
    My second ring was much flashier – I think it was 3/4 of a carot – but I never really liked it. It was not me. I doubt that I will ever marry again, but if I do, I want to buy my own ring. Hell, even if I don’t remarry I would like to buy a ring I love for me. The ring that means the most to me is the first-ever piece of jewellery I bought myself. On my first trip overseas, in Thailand. It has a couple of tiny diamons, sapphires and rubies. It’s not worth a lot $ wise, but sentimentally – I love that ring! My other fave ring is one my mother gave me. It was her mother’s engagement ring. It looks surprisingly like the one you have, except a more old-fashioned version. I love that ring and guard it with my life. It is beautiful, it is me, and it makes me feel connected to the generations of women who have gone before me.

  8. So well said. I’m not a fan of big bling much prefer small and elegant.

    My engagement ring is one that belonged to my mother in law and before that an Aunt of hers. It means more to me than any amount of carrots (which I strongly feel should only be referenced in terms of the wedding feast).

  9. Mine is about the same as yours, but funnily enough I never even wear it. It is slightly damaged so I put it away just as I went in to give birth to Immy, and I have never got it back out again. It needs some fixing so the bling doesn’t go missing, but compared to some of those big rocks out there it is nearly too tiny to bother. But, after watching that movie blood diamond (i know it’s fiction, but I can’t help thinking it is probably too true) I wont be buying diamonds again. My BiL now runs a pearl business, I will be getting my stuff through him.

  10. I know someone who was proposed to, said yes, but them followed that up with “we can discuss a different ring later”!!! I bet her fiancée wanted to back track very quickly!!! Who does that?!

    My engagement ring is very very similar to yours. I wouldn’t know the carat size, but it sparkles and I love it. Honestly he could have given me a Cheezel and I’d have loved it!! It’s from the love of my life and a symbol of our love, what more could I want?! 🙂

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