A random act of kindness

After collecting the mail earlier this week – yet another two bills – I just happened to randomly tweet,

“Tired of receiving bills. Can someone send me something nice in the mail? #notasextoy #postcardwoulddo”.

Covered myself on the sex toy thing just in case, due to various Twitter followers.  Not that a sex toy wouldn’t be better than receiving another bill.  But moving on.

I wasn’t expecting a response to my tweet, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive a message from @65Degrees who I follow on Twitter.  They said they’d be happy to send me something in the mail!

There was no suggestion of me blogging about them or their coffee.  That wasn’t their intention.  I didn’t have to mention this on my blog at all.

It was purely a random act of kindness.  And spreading a bit of coffee love around!

Now being a Melburnian, and Mum to two young boys, how could I not love my coffee?  So naturally I was very excited and curious to see what might be sent my way…

And today in the post, this arrived!

A freshly ground pack of Gridlock House Blend, accompanied by a little note:

“Hi Alison, throw your bills in the bin – they’ll send them again.  Sit down and have a cup of Gridlock coffee instead!  From the team @ 65 Degrees & Gridlock Coffee”

I’ve just enjoyed a plunger full and it is divine.  I drink my coffee black with no sugar, so I really notice taste variations.  Guys, you’ve made my day! 

I thought it only right to pass the random act of kindness on.  I needed a good excuse to bake Iron Chef’s Shellie’s Nutty Apple Loaf  – so I’m going to make it for a friend whose Dad’s having heart surgery next week.  One chocolately apple nut loaf coming your way soon, Ness. x


8 responses to “A random act of kindness

  1. Hi Alison – wow you are a lucky lady!!! Melbourne has some fab coffee shops – puts Brissie to shame. I am looking forward to another trip to Melb as soon as the boys are a bit bigger- shopping isn’t really their thing right now but it sure is mine!!!
    Enjoy every cup of your random act of kindness – that we could all do with!
    Lynn x

  2. Yes, I wouldn’t want to received a random sexy toy in the mail either 😛 Oh isn’t that nice of them! It’s true, they will send the bills again, lol

    Thanks for mentioning my yummy nutty apple loaf too =D Make sure you bake yourself a loaf! yum =)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Isn’t that awesome … such a little thing, but it makes a difference doesn’t it? So great to see a social media-savvy company not only responding but giving too … and I’m sure they will get plenty of good karma PR from it too. I like the RAK idea, might try it myself after the weekend. xo

  4. That’s awesome! I love people who are kind just for the sake of making someone happy. You deserved the coffee break! xx

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