Happy Halloween

Yes it’s September, but Halloween’s arrived early at our house.  About two months early, in fact, thanks to a recent conversation I had with Mr.4.

Mr.4 was begging me for lollies one afternoon.  As I was not giving him any, I reminded him that Halloween was just around the corner, casually mentioning he need not fret for sweet treats – soon we’d be taking him trick ‘o treating to accumulate a huge pile of lollies.

Last year, Mr.4 went trick ‘o treating with me for the first time, and can still recall in great detail what costume he wore (an old white pillowcase with holes cut out for eyes – lame, will do better this year) and even what treats he got.  For a 3 year old, I imagine a Halloween treat bag would be like the equivalent of us winning the lottery. 

Not that I would know.

Anyhow, reminding him of Halloween probably wasn’t the smartest move on my part.  That one passing comment has now caused Mr.4 to have an unrelenting focus on all things Halloween!

This has also been helped along by his current fascination with ghosts and monsters.  It’s a love-hate thing.  He’s a little scared, but has to talk about them.  I think it may feel similar to riding on a ghost train:  that mix of sheer terror and excitment all rolled into one. 

At bedtime we always read two books, but now I’m also called in to tell him a Halloween story.  Even though I know Mr.4 is playing me and dragging out his bedtime as long as possible, I’m a sucker for story-telling. 

Especially scary stories. 

Mr.4 likes hearing variations of the same story from me each night – a story I make up about trick ‘o treating that involves various ghosts, monsters…and a wide range of lollies.  We have just a torch or his plasma ball on to make it extra spooky…

But after re-telling this story at least ten nights in a row, I decided to ask him to tell the story back to me.

While he did, I madly scribbled his version down.  And here it is.


“Once there was a boy called James and a boy called Alice.  The third boy was called Nathan and he was 4 as well, same as James.  When their Mummy said it was time to go trick or treating, they did.  And then they went to the first house.  And a lady shot out of the door…it was a nice old lady’s house and she gave them two lolly snakes and two chocolates and three lollipops and they ate them all up…and put some of them in their lolly bag. 

Then they set off to the next house.  It was a kind Mummy and Daddy, and Nanna Joy and Papa G were there too at that house.  They gave them three snake lollies and then they went to the next house and there was a big long path and it was dark and it was spooky and they knocked on the door.  They heard a big BOOM BOOM BOOM and a big ghost appeared out and they went “AHHHHH” and then they ran to the next house and heard “BOOM BOOM BOOM” and the door flied open and then appeared a big MONSTER that went “RAHHHHHH” at them and they ran home.”

The End


9 responses to “Happy Halloween

  1. My children would be sleepless for weeks if they heard that story!!! Come to think of it, I’m a little uncertain about my own ability to get to sleep tonight now… x

  2. Love it! Great Story.

    We have Halloween celebrations here too. A friend is Scottish & another Irish. Both celebrated Halloween in their respective places of birth and missed not doing so here. My kids have begun talking about their costumes already… best be getting onto it soon.

  3. Haha, Nate made it into James’ story too cute! Wonder if tonights will have Izzy and some stolen Daffodils :0)

  4. My boys absolutely loved Halloween. The first time they ever went they were 8 & 10 (prior to that it wasn’t really popular here), their older stepsisters took them and they came home with the biggest bags of lollies I have ever seen. I was surprised it had taken off so much and had lollies in the house for a month!

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