I like the stinky green one

Recently, I took a trip to Mathilda’s Market and bought some Aromaplay.  If you haven’t come across it before, it’s tubs of clay (soft, like Play doh) that are scented with aromatherapy oils.

I thought it’d be an interesting experiment to try these on Mr.4, and see if the addition of aromatherapy oils to the clay had an impact on his behaviour at witching hour.

My Mr.4, like most 4-year old boys, has an unlimited supply of energy and is pretty much on the go all day.  Except when we hit 4pm-ish.  The wheels slowly start to pop off at this point: we get cranky, we get some defiance, and the odd meltdown.  And that’s just me.

Anyhow.  Around 4.30pm, I presented him with two tubs: purple ‘Dosey Dough’, scented with lavender oil (divine-smelling) and green, called ‘Your Attention Please’, scented with rosemary oil.  I specifically wanted to try these two, as lavender is calming and rosemary may help him focus. 

(Sorry little guy, to ‘experiment’ on you – but at witching hour, Mum will try anything.)

He gave each a good sniff, and decided to play with the green tub – rosemary.  Funny, as he loves lavender and I thought he’d prefer the purple clay.  But he preferred the green clay…so much so, to begin with he couldn’t stop smelling it:

When he’d finally stopped smelling the clay and rubbing it on his nose, he started making shapes out of it, and made this, which for him was quite intricate.  He was very focused while building it:

We then started talking about how many balls made up the tower and I asked him to count how many, using his fingers.  Sure enough he went about counting, using his fingers and was perfectly calm!  Bliss!  (I managed to take some photos and cook dinner in this time!)

He is normally running amok at this time of day, so I am sure the aromatherapy oil had an effect.  I now actually use an aromatherapy burner every evening, and save these clays for witching hour too. 

Oh, and Mr.4’s response on which he likes? “Yeah, I like the stinky green one the best.”  Well said, Mr.4 🙂


4 responses to “I like the stinky green one

  1. Oh how gorgeous are those pics of your Mr 4? What a cutie! That “stuff” sounds fab and what a great strategy for dealing with the witching hour. x

  2. Our kinder teacher adds all sorts of oils to the dough she makes, quite a clever lassie, but was telling all the mums that she added a cinnamon oil and too many of the kids ate it, thinking it had cinnamon doughnuts hidden in it! Bahhhaaa, apparently it was orange and she let everyone know not to fret if there was orange looking blobs at the other end.

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