Man flu. Man time. Oh man…

Hubby’s been hit hard with the man flu the past few days.  Although at times it’s felt like I’ve had three kids to care for instead of two, he has been battling on quite well, despite a few moody blips and an impressive display of coughing and spluttering.  Slumped on the sofa, moaning “I’m just too tired…I’m just too. tired. to. move.”  And walking around the house (this is a newie) with a tissue stuck up his nostril, because it was just soooo congested.  Not his best look.

Not my husband. But you get the idea

All in all though, probably not much worse I guess that when I’m up to my eyeballs in oestrogen once a month.

(OK, so I only really wrote that because he reads my blog.)

Last night though, he added ‘man time’ to the mix.  His desire for man time was brought on by a TV ad.  We were on the sofa watching some TV, when a beer ad came on that we both found quite amusing.  Later though, he says,

“That VB ad makes me feel emotional”

(A rare admission of emotion!  But brought on by a beer ad.  Great!) 

“Huh?  What, the ad with the guy applying handcream?”

“Yeah, the one where the guy’s faltering and his mates are there with a VB to ‘save’ him” says hubby. and then, rather wistfully, adds: “I think I need some man time.” (Sniff sniff.)

The VB ad in question is one where some men seem lost and start demonstrating ‘feminine’ traits – like buying cocktails instead of beers, applying handcream, or considering plastic surgery – but their macho mates come to their rescue and ‘save’ them from themselves.  You can watch the ad here

I think it’s a funny ad, and we both had a chuckle about it.  But obviously it also left hubby pining for some male bonding time at the pub.  

My hubby’s never been one to have a regular night at the pub with his mates.  Most of his twenties consisted of drinking himself under the table, so by the time I met him he was mostly over it.  I’ve been lucky in that regard – he wants to be with his family whenever he can, which I’m grateful for.  

But now that almost all his mates have kids, they hardly go out together without us or the kids in tow.  Catch ups have become joint family BBQs on the weekend…or a chance for us to go out as a couple.  So he has hardly any ‘man time’ in the traditional sense anymore.

I do think time ‘man time’ is important – Dads need time out as well, just as we do sometimes.  I rely on regular catch ups with my girlfriends…not only is it fun, but I’ll even go as far to say it’s therapeutic.

So hubby, please go and see a game of footy with some mates…have a capricciosa pizza, head to the pub and down some VB’s, should you choose!

‘Cause quietly, I’m thinking a good slap on the back and some footy talk over a few beers might just be the perfect cure for your man flu.  Book it in, baby. 🙂


3 responses to “Man flu. Man time. Oh man…

  1. Oh, I agree. In fact, I think men are worse at this than women and given so many of them rely on their partners for emotional support as they don’t by their nature share with many (any?) of their friends, I reckon they need more “out” time. Us girls are better at insisting on it in my experience. My Mr and his mates started a “Gentleman’s Club” where they get together and taste wine (they’re all in to wine) and cook some food around a theme. They rotate between each house and have a great time every month or so and come home slightly sizzled. I think it a grand idea. I also think that it’s important that this is then reflected back to our boys in that it’s important that they spend time with their own friends, and more that they do the same with their Dad. Another fab post Missy! 😉

  2. I’ll have to check that ad out!
    I agree man time is important. I do enjoy my girl time and feel invigorated after it. I now get man flu so my bf knows what it’s like when he has the flu 😛

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