I’m one happy blogger

I am deliriously happy today.  Yes, that happy!  Why?  Because this arrived!

The writing desk, that is.  I bought the chair off eBay a few months ago for $60.  The writing desk is another eBay buy – I’ve been hunting for something like this for a while now.  We don’t have the money for lots of new furniture at the moment.  So slowly, slowly I get the odd piece, usually secondhand off eBay.  I love a good vintage find.

We have small rooms so furniture needs to be functional…and how functional is this!  It has two small bookshelves above, the drop-down desk (which is really sturdy), pigeonholes for everything…and a cabinet underneath.

Not only does it serve as a desk so I can write in a quiet room – but all our paperwork and pens won’t be littering the fruit bowl and kitchen table anymore. 

It’s not in perfect nick – but it’s old, like our house, so it’s a good fit.  And I’d say I got it for about a third of what I’ve seen in antique shops.

And you know that smoky, woody, ‘fireplace’ smell that some old furniture has?  It smells like that behind the bookshelf doors.  I love that smell!  It’s inspirational.  I wonder who first sat here writing letters, 80 years ago?

Now however comes the task of filling it.  Notice the empty pigeonholes, empty bookcase?  I get to adorn it now with photos, ornaments, stationery…any suggestions?  An excellent excuse for stationery shopping, if I ever did have one.  Hello, Etsy 🙂


20 responses to “I’m one happy blogger

  1. Oh how ridiculously exciting! It’s really a great little nook you’ve got going on there and I love the idea of the old with the new a la Kikki.K (which is a fave of mine too and it’s awesome quality!). Your house sounds like ours by the way! 🙂

    • Oh, we get so excited now about things that perhaps seem mundane to others! 🙂 Thanks, I definitely want to christen it with some special stuff…typing at it now…I love it!

  2. Yay! I love things, especially of the furniture kind, i always look on ebay for furniture, except most of the time it’s all too far away.

    Enjoy your new toy, I bet a couple blocks of chocolate would slide into those pigeon holes nicely 🙂

    • Oh you are so right about the chocolate. A block of Lindt or Green and Black’s would fit perfectly in one of the pigeonholes – just checked. However, I’m not eating sugar right now…having a break from choc. For now. Ask me again in 2 weeks when I’m up to my eyeballs in oestrogen…

  3. That is gorgeous and perfect!! Can’t wait to see it (and smell it!) tomorrow. You’ve given me inspiration to blog something about eBay tonight with your happily ever after story…I’ll be referencing you and your search for the perfect nook! 🙂

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  5. Great idea, to look on eBay. We’re challenged for space, and our current desk is a monster. Way too big. Something like what you have would be perfect.

    Thanks for giving me a distraction from work!

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