Father’s day

So, Father’s Day comes to a close!  We had an easy day hanging around at home and taking the boys to the park when the sun came out.  The kind of day my hubby likes – simple ones! 

I watched my husband playing with our boys today – trains, cars, kicking a ball, reading books, giving kisses and cuddles…and all huddled and squashed together in the play tent before bed time.  The boys look up to him so much already. 

On Friday at Mr.4’s kinder they had a lovely Father’s Day afternoon…lots of Dads and grandparents came along.  Mr.4 had made a bookmark as his gift, and also his group made a special “book about Dads”, a collection of drawings and comments about their Dad.  Here’s Mr.4 and hubby spending some time together that afternoon.

As a wife, I’m so lucky to have a husband who’s supportive of anything I want to do, and who’s such a hands-on parent.  When both our boys were babies, he’d be up as much as I was at night giving them a bottle, or settling them to sleep.  We still share night duties when one of our kids wakes. 

You are always there for me.

There’s times I’ve realised I have to step back and let him be ‘Dad’, and that in some ways his role as a father is very different to mine as Mum.  That can be hard at times, but I’m working on it. 

I’m also fortunate my Dad is still around – and at almost 71, is intelligent, well-read, and has a ”quirky” sense of humour, shall we say.  Here’s the thank you email he sent to me for his father’s day gift (he lives interstate so I posted it up).  It kind of sums him up.

“From the top of my hat to the tip of my slippers, thank you all for your presents today.  I do like the card with the bespectacled dads.  Lovely art work, too, James.  You do like giving the colours a workout, don’t you?  And your writing is coming along really well, I see, with “PAPA G”.  It’s really really good for you to do lots of writing and reading and numbers whenever you can.  It’s mental broccoli.  Maybe you could start writing letters to your papas and nannas and friends and Baz to tell them about school or holidays or other exciting things that happen. 

For the time being I’ve attached your drawing and the card to special clips fitted to my walking frame so I can look at them for a while before adding to our collection of special mem-or-a-bill-i-a.  The RMW shirt is fabulous. (As usual, nothing less than classy will do!)  Perfect size and look.  Mum gave me a nice named pen.  It’s shorter than traditional so less cumbersome in the pyjama pocket.  With her chocs and licorice added to your nice munchies, I’m set to put lumpy lard on bones for some time to come!”

(Nb. he doesn’t have a walking frame.)

Happy father’s day – hope you celebrated with who’s special in your life!


5 responses to “Father’s day

  1. That’s lovely. I get a sense of peace and happiness. I’m like your hubbie, I like the simple things. We went to watch an AFL final and came home exhausted!
    Your family sounds very loving and caring.

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