Prahran, Prada, and 6-inch heels…

I visit Prahran quite often and although I love it, I just don’t fit the ”Prahran mould” anymore. 

In fact, I’d say the other day when the boys & I went to Prahran market and walked up Greville street, we stuck out like a sore thumb.  And it didn’t bother me one bit.

Soon after, when a woman around my age dressed to the nines (at 10am) went over on her ankle in front of us thanks to her 6-inch heels, I was little bemused, and also thankful for my comfortable flat footwear.

For those of you not familiar with Prahran, it’s a suburb of Melbourne that’s seriously trendy.  Fashionista territory. 

And as you know, Melbourne takes its fashion quite seriously.

Now there once was a time when I almost fit the Prahran mould.  I say almost, because I’ve never been a serious fashionista contender.  Never owned a Prada bag, Jimmy Choos or the like.  But BC – Before Kids – I had my moments.

I remember a date night in Prahran with my handsome young boyfriend (my now handsome, older, husband).  It was a hot summer’s night.  I was wearing a slinky Zimmermann dress, accessorised with an all-over tan and tousled hair.  I was also skinnier, of course.  (Husband, if you read this, let’s just remember you had a washboard stomach at the time.)

But that was before we had our two darling boys.  Back then, I had hours to primp and preen.  I’m rather ashamed to admit, back in my early-to-mid 20’s, the mirror got a fair workout.

Fast forward to 2010, and after 4 years of being a Mum, I wouldn’t dream of entering a Zimmermann store.

Perfect for the park?  I think not

Not that I don’t want to be ”yummy”.  I like to look nice and do make an effort.  But my priorities have completely changed.  Even if I could afford to buy a Zimmermann dress, there’s no way I could bring myself to now.  Impracticalities aside, I just can’t justify in my head spending money on designer clothing. 

Or even moderately expensive clothing, for that matter.  I now struggle to enter Witchery and Country Road.  Sussan, yes, but even they seem to have hiked prices up on everything lately…

Perhaps my outlook will change a little when I return to work, but right now, I feel I’m running out of options.  What’s a Mum to do when she wants to be fashionable, but thinks money’s better spent on her kids (or food to feed them with?)

Find a shop with one of these out front.

I have to say, Target has been my lifesaver.  Some of their stuff I don’t like, but generally I seem to find something there.  Either that, or I’ll grab something on sale, if it’s a really good buy.

On the rare occasion I think I’m capable of splurging on myself, I plan a shopping spree, only to fail dismally and write it off as a complete waste of time.  I just can’t do it anymore!

So, I’m pretty sure there’ll be no Prada bag for me in this lifetime.  But, let’s see….kids….Prada bag….kids….Prada bag…? 

It’s a no-brainer.

Prada bag for sure.



22 responses to “Prahran, Prada, and 6-inch heels…

  1. Great post. Glad you got your mirror quota in back in your twenties…but I BET my sunny butt that you look WAY better now that you ever did back then, becoming a mother and getting older makes you beautyFULL in a way you cannot see but the world can. Ditch the yummy, focus on the sunny and shop where the bargains are…PS the ONLY positive of young girls becoming bigger these days is that if you are a size 10 ladies, you can fit a size 16 girls in Target which means you score cap cardis & great tee for an absolute pittance, after my sweet poison detox, I may even fit the pants…similar to witchery for $29 YES PLEASE!

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  3. I find myself relating to you again! Although I’ve never bought a designer dress. I used to think Witchery and Country Road was way too expensive. Then I bought lots from them, but now find the prices have gotten ridiculous, the quality has decreased, and I just don’t like anything in their generally! Yet lately I’ve been buying stuff from Target… nice underwear sets, skinny jeans and stuff for the boy.
    Although I am hanging out for Zara to hit Australia 🙂

  4. I hear you, I am loving Target at the moment, and you know what? It’s when I’m wearing Target clothes that I get more compliments!

    I do love designer stuff, but to be honest, if I’m saving up, it’s jewellery, wallet or sunglasses for me – they’ll last for years, won’t get worn out, no paying for dry cleaning, and will always fit!

  5. Love this post! I’m really bad with my wardrobe at the moment! Its Temt, Kmart, BigW and then Target as a treat and I hardly buy anything anyway. I’ve also got really really fussy, and its not so easy to shop when your little man is leopard crawling under the change rooms!

    • I’ve gotten fussy too in my 30’s (not sure if you’re in your 30’s though, think you may be still in your 20’s if I’m correct)…fussy with high expectations, but not much to spend! And yes shopping with kids is really not possible, I feel bad putting them through it as well..

  6. Good to see you back online!
    Target can provide some gems, mainly for the kids, but sometimes I get some really great stuff in the city dressing area.

    • Oh my kids get most of their clothes from Target. I don’t ever buy from CR or Seed…even though it’s gorgeous I think it’s over priced. Agree you have to be picky at Target, it’s not all good. But very nice when you find something classic and good quality – eg. they have a few nice striped tees in there for spring now, which look so similar to those in more upmarket stores..

  7. Love this!!! It’s hard to justify a Witchery top when it’s going to just end up covered in vomit. Or Country Road jeans that will get yoghurt flicked on them! If I DO occasionally feel the need to wear these brands, I ONLY buy things on sale… Or head to Bridge Rd or DFO!! 🙂

    • Funnily enough (even when I’ve been a size 14, 12, and 10), CR and Witchery clothes just don’t fit me well, the price aside. I know, I was looking at a gorgeous pair of pants today and thought they’d be nice as a change to jeans. But totally impractical with young kids…would never end up wearing them I know!

  8. I always feel so honoured to receive your comment Allison! This is true… I think there’s a time and a place for the upmarket clothes and when you’re at home for most of the week with your kids, it’s a waste of money. I have a completely different perspective now on fashion.

  9. Agree agree agree. Actually I don’t even buy clothes these days – I look at them in all the usual places, then end up spending any $$ I have on Missy anyway. Although I still do get a good bargain every now and then at DFO. Got a new pair of converse there for $40 a month ago (I know, I’m 33, but I love my converse and jeans!) 🙂

  10. Timely post for me lovely one cos I really am struggling with moving out of the Witchery/Country Road/Cue/Veronika Maine range cos they’ve been my staples for so very long. I do need new clothes so much but don’t have the disposable $ to spend. So, if you say Target is the go I shall check it out. My issue is that I weigh about 20kg less than before I had the Bebito and don’t have things to fall back on in the wardrobe and also don’t know what suits me properly anymore. And don’t even get me started on lingerie. I feel the same way as you about appropriate clothes for my Mama life and then I have a few staples I just recycle for work now. I certainly don’t love to shop the way I used to! 🙂

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