Kreativ Blogger Meme and seven things…

Shelley at My Shoebox Life has very kindly passed a Kreativ Blogger Meme over to me!  Thank you lovely!

(Just quietly, I’m not exactly sure what a ‘Kreativ Blogger Meme’ is – but it looks pretty, and I get to tell you seven things about myself…so I’m chuffed to receive it!)

Without further adieu, I’ll share seven things about me, then pass the ‘Meme on to seven wonderful bloggers!

1.  I still handwrite all my Christmas cards.  Over time I’ve noticed more and more friends sending their Christmas wishes via mass e-mail, but I refuse to give in to this, and buy Christmas cards half-price in the January sales each year.  Since I was little I’ve always loved sending and receiving letters, and beautiful stationery.  Actually when I was around four years of age, my favourite activity when going for a walk around the neighbourhood was looking in other people’s letterboxes (OK, so a little nosey too perhaps).

2.  I don’t like surprises.  I’m more than happy to know what I’m going to get for my birthday, or at Christmas.  Don’t mind not knowing the exact detail or brand, but like to know what it is.  Again this seems to stem from when I was a kid – I used to search the house for our Christmas presents…and as for leaving them untouched under the tree?  Who could resist picking the edge of that sticky tape to have a peep inside?  That said, I’d love someone to throw me a surprise party one day.  And I’m very careful in hiding birthday & Christmas pressies from the kids.  Probably because I know what I was like.

3. I have a short attention span.  In school I used to listen for five minutes, tune out, write someone a note, pass it on when the teacher turned their back…then while waiting for the note to be returned, would listen to the teacher again for a few minutes.  Either that, or I’d fill my books with sketches during class.  I got by.  But even today at 34, I still have trouble paying attention to things for a long period of time.  There’s often too many thoughts that jump into my head.  I’ll often be talking about something, suddenly think of something else, and start talking about that – I’m conscious of doing it.  I can’t sit and watch TV unless it’s something I really want to watch, and even then I often tune out.  Seeing a movie at the cinema, though, I can focus the whole time – maybe because I enjoy the experience of it so much.

4.  I still miss my grandparents sometimes.  My Mum’s parents, that is, my Nanna and Pop.  They had one of those solid, easy-going companionships and as a child, I’d stay with them during school holidays and it was like a peaceful haven.  They were always supportive, too – even when I didn’t do well at school, they found good in what I had achieved.  My Nanna was a tiny, quietly spoken lady.  When she’d been a widow for a decade, she told me she still missed my Pop and in some ways, couldn’t wait to go to heaven so she could be with him again.  That thought I’m sure kept her spirits up in those final years she was alive.  She died when I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first son.  We showed her an ultrasound photo in hospital but she was so drugged up, I’m not sure she fully understood that I was pregnant.  I hope she knew.

5.  I must drink green tea before my coffee.   This is just a quirky food obsession of mine.  I have one large black espresso coffee every day (no sugar) and beforehand, have to drink one green tea with my breakfast.  It just feels weird if I don’t.  Green tea comes first.

6.  I’m extra glad I had boys.  I’d be happy of course if I’d had two girls – kids are a blessing no matter what – but personally, being a Mum to boys is extra special.  They’re active, loud and messy (and at age 4 and 1, I know this is only the beginning) but I was never a girly-girl as a child…I was the kind of girl who cut the hair off my Barbie and Cabbage Patch Kid (never did get a second Cabbage Patch Kid, as a result of the hair-cutting) and was never a ballerina or into fairies.  So having boys definitely suits me.

7.  I’m very short-sighted.  I’m eternally grateful for the invention of contact lenses, and have worn them since I was 17.  Fortunately I don’t feel them on my eyes either, unlike some people I know who can’t stand wearing them.  That my Dad was an Optometrist helped as well: when I was a broke student, wholesale bulk-buys of contact lenses and solution came in handy.  (And as an aside, no child of mine will call another kid ”four eyes” at school.)

Now to pass on the Kreativ Blogger Meme to seven wonderful bloggers…

The ‘rules’ so to speak go like this.  Please don’t feel that you have to follow, but if you choose to, I hope that you find it a bit of fun.

  • Copy the award to your blog
  • Insert a link to the person who nominated you
  • Share seven things about yourself that you haven’t told us before
  • Nominate other bloggers for the award – share the love
  • Link to their blogs
  • Tell the nominees about their award

My seven are…

Naomi at Under The Yardarm

Bern at So Now What?

Megan at Writing Out Loud

Jodie at Mummy Mayhem

Thea at Do I Really Wanna Blog?

Allison at Life in a Pink Fibro

Shellie at Iron Chef Shellie


4 responses to “Kreativ Blogger Meme and seven things…

  1. Thank you!!
    Oh how I can relate to you!

    a) I still write my Christmas cards by hand that have been bought at the January sales. I still send a card to my English teacher and photography/graphic design teacher. I can’t stand people who have to give me a typed up updated of their whole year in a Christmas card though.

    b) I don’t like surprises either. i was always snooping especially at Christmas time. My parents nicknamed me “Snoop”

    c) I have a short attention span. I sometimes say I have ADD.

    d) I miss my grandparents too =( I have one still alive so I’m making the most out of it =)

    e) I cut my hair off my barbie cos Mum didn’t buy me a Ken. I never had a cabbage patch kid though =(

  2. Oh, thanks hon!

    You know what? I still handwrite my Christmas cards too. And I do a newsletter and we take a family photo that I stick on the front and everything. I love it.

    Missed doing it last year though, because I was sooooo busy! But will make up for it this year. It’s great to look back at each Christmas photo and see how the family has grown and how everyone has changed.


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