It’s the little things: a happy Friday

Floating around the blogosphere at the moment (thanks to Brenda at Mummytime) is the idea of iHappy Monday

I must admit though, I find Fridays are my particularly happy days!  That the weekend’s almost here, and husband’s usually home early is enough to put a smile on my dial every Friday!

But today, there’s been some other small things that have made me smile.

My second Etsy purchase arrived today!  It’s a small felt navy & white cushion I bought to put on this chair.  The chair cost me $60 off eBay and the cushion…ummm well it was $35 (a splurge for me on a cushion).  But for under $100, I have a vintage bedroom chair and a gorgeous cushion that’s beautifully made. 

$5 at the market bought us a small bunch of pink gerberas, which are sitting next to the random mix of candles I light every evening.  The vase is also making me smile – it was $8 from IKEA and I love it!

Mr.4 loves cherries, and can spit the pips out while eating all the flesh off the cherries now.  This makes me smile, and the fact his mouth was bright purple after 🙂  Also how excited and enthusiastic he gets about going on a simple train ride always makes me happy. 

Mr.1 made me smile (aside from just being him!) because he woke with a temperature of 38.9, but still managed to be in such good spirits this morning and didn’t complain or fuss.  My little man.

It’s definitely the small, simple things in life that make me happy.

And the fact I’ve managed to get a short break this afternoon, had a full cup of tea while it’s still hot, and managed to post this…well, that’s just the icing on the cake!

Are you having a happy Friday?


5 responses to “It’s the little things: a happy Friday

  1. Nice post.

    I love flowers too. We used to walk to the farmer’s market every weekend to buy some for the house. (That’s on hold for the summer – 90-100 degrees and very humid makes that tough.) Looking forward to fall!

    Happy Friday to you!

  2. Oh thanks for stopping by. I’ve heard in the US it sounds like it’s been a hot summer. Here, we’re all desperately waiting for Spring…it’s freezing in Melbourne!

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