Yay for 5-minute dinner night!

Like every Mum, I want my kids to eat well.  I’m not completely obsessive about it, though – as babies, both my boys had a mix of baby food from jars, plus food I’d pureed.  Mr.4 certainly has his fair share of treats – his faves are a Freddo frog, milkshake, Chupa-chup and ice-cream.  And icypoles.  That said, they don’t have McDonalds, nor soft drink or chips like Cheezels.  We don’t buy biscuits, except plain Arnotts ones. 

Putting CHOCOLATE aside, I’ve never been big on takeaway or junk food, probably as a result of growing up in a house where we didn’t eat much junk (I’m appreciative of that now).  So usually no matter how exhausted we are, husband or I will cook something for dinner – ordering home delivery like pizza just rarely crosses our minds.  Which of course I know is a good thing.

But lately, I’ve been getting tired trying to cook a variety of dinners that suit both my boys needs, that include a decent amount of veges, and that they’ll eat!  Mr.4’s always been a fairly fussy eater, which can be difficult enough on its own.  Mr.1 loves his food – but is now at the age where he wants to feed himself everything and try to use the spoon.  He’s getting extremely stubborn about it, so as much fingerfood as possible helps…otherwise we’re talking major mess.

So last weekend I decided we’re having a “5-Minute Dinner” night once a week.  On this night, the boys get “flat egg”, which is flat omelette sliced up, avocado & cheese toasted squares, and a bowl of peas (for Mr.4…yes, he actually loves peas).  After that, I throw half a banana each at them, maybe some strawberries, and a tub of yogurt each.  That pretty much takes me around 5 minutes to prepare.  

Once they’re in bed, I’ll have scrambled eggs on toast with tomato.  Husband likes cooking so I leave him to do his own dinner (yep, he’s a good cook…lucky me!)

I’m surprised how nice it is not having to think about what to cook one night a week, and it’s still a lot cheaper and healthier than takeaway.

If you have any “5-minute dinners” that you do which are relatively healthy, I’ve love to know about them!  Anything aside from baked beans.  My boys don’t do baked beans, dammit!


3 responses to “Yay for 5-minute dinner night!

  1. I love 5 minute dinners! We do it probably once a week. We’ll have either toastie sandwiches (ham, cheese and pineapple/tomato/baked beans), or ham, cheese and onion omelette. We love making pizza from scratch, including the bases, but on 5 minute dinner nights we just use pita bread bases and everyone just piles on whatever they like. A few minutes under the grill and they’re done. Like you said, quick, easy, and so much healthier and cheaper than takeaway!

  2. What a great idea. And your 5 minute meal is really healthy and simple. Good food for kids.

    I’m loving how open and honest you are about what you get up to. Your blog is great!!

  3. We have our standard pasta, can of tuna or salmon (or hot smoked salmon if I’m organised) all mixed together with some herbs, lemon and for me some tomato based sauce. Oh and the boys love frozen mixed veg as a snack, any time. Something about them being frozen makes them appealing!

    The main thing I do though is make double or more whenever I’m doing something freezable, eg lamb shanks, casseroles, lasagne, chilli con carne etc etc. With something like that plus my rice cooker dinner doesn’t take much more than preping a few vegies for steaming.

    Oh and I also once every few months buy a whole bag of onions, garlic, carrots and head of celerly and chop them all up in the food processer and freeze in batches so I have a base all ready to go when I want to make any sort of casserole, stew or soup.

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