Mr.1 and the cuteness factor

Last Sunday, Mr.1 turned sixteen months old.  This has to be his cutest period to date.  I just adore this age before they hit 2 and all hell breaks loose the ‘terrible two’s’ strikes!

He’s been walking now for a couple of months, but has really mastered it now.  He can’t run yet, but boy can those little legs move fast!  As he still has a couple of defined fat rolls left on the backs of his legs, it is just a delight to see him confidently toddling off down the hall.  I could spend all day watching these legs…

Then, there’s his adorable conversation.  Most of it’s still babble.  But over the last month, he’s learnt many new words.  I know from observing Mr.4 when he was younger, it’s the start of his ”proper” talking…and before I know it, he’ll be saying two words together at a time, then sentences.  It all happens so quickly, so I’m savouring his single-word communication as much as possible! 

Mr.1’s first word was car.  (Am sure this is a genetic trait, as Mr.4’s first word was brrrruumm.)  Next came “Baaah-dee” for Buddy, our cat.  He loves our cat – in fact, all animals he sees.  Soon after this came “Da-da”, and “Mumm-a” took at least a month longer for me to finally hear. 

Now, he’s added the following to his vocabulary: “twuk” (truck), “ny-night” (night night), “chiz” (cheese), “uh-oh”, “no not!” (no…or not), “pane” (plane), “qak” (quack), “up”, “twee” (tree), “bird”, “tana” (sultana), “go”, “brrummm”, “two” (after we say ‘one’), “teddy”, “lif” (leaf), “toot-toot” (when he sees a train), “tick-tock”, “hoo-hoooo” (said when he’s watching the closing song on Giggle & Hoot).

Finally, Mr.1 has a couple of little quirks that I find so amusing.  The first of which is using a small rubber ducky as a substitute for a dummy.

Mr.1 isn’t that fussed about a dummy, unlike Mr.4 who was very attached to his.  Mr.1’s happy to just have one for sleeping.  But recently, probably due to teething, I’ve found he’ll wander into the bathroom, find this rubber ducky on the bath and walk around the house with it in his mouth:

When he’s walking around on those chubby legs with the rubber ducky in his mouth, I swear I can almost feel my ovaries aching to reproduce a third time…hmmmm…!

Finally, there’s his ‘cat’s bum’ mouth.  Yes, a cat’s bum – there’s really no other term for it. 

Mr.1’s been doing this for months now.  Often when he’s concentrating on something, he’ll frown, flex his lips out and exaggerately breathe through his nose.  I managed to capture it on camera the other day.

Not his best look, perhaps, but my God – so kissable!


16 responses to “Mr.1 and the cuteness factor

  1. haha I like the ducky in the mouth. His vocab is pretty good! Bubbalugs is 17 months tomorrow and all he can say is “no!” and “Where’s it gone?” (Wezzitgoh?) lol

  2. Grace is looking after herself, verbally, at 21 months. As she totters along, if she falls down she’ll exclaim “Uh, oh!” before looking around and reassuring herself by saying “It’s all right…!”, picking herself up and carrying on. Mum and dad don’t need to say anything, anymore…

  3. Precious!! Makes MY ovaries ache but then the memory kicks… I am past all that with my baby just turned 10. 18 mths is the ‘eatable’ age…you just wanna eat ’em up as they are too cute.. It is a beautiful thing that you are savouring these moments as it all goes by so quickly and doesn’t return..lovely post as usual!

    • Thanks for your comment Rosa! Yes I am definitely going to savour it as much as possible. Even thinking of just buying a proper video camera, although we can’t really afford it, I just think these moments when they’re little are going to fly past and I feel I need to capture as much as possible.

  4. My future son-in-law is just too adorable for words!! So glad I got to see him on his milestone 16 month birthday! He makes me clucky. You’d think my own Miss Abbey would make me clucky for a second, but no, it’s Mr 1 that makes me so!! 🙂

  5. Such cute photos and I know exactly what you mean about the little legs padding down the hall. I love the moment when I get Nate undressed for the bath and we have a little game of chase, primarily so I can see his little legs and bum! So very cute.

  6. OMG!!! Love the ducky buzzy. So so cute. Can’t wait for Iz to see him do that. As for the cat’s bum face – LOVE it. Although I’m sure he won’t be thanking you at his 21st.

  7. He IS so cute and kissable! I have a similar pic of the bebito with a rubber duck in his mouth and he never took to a dummy so I don’t understand what on earth that was about! 🙂

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