Marital bliss, via the laptop

My husband sends me emoticons…I send him meeting requests.

Is this not uncommon in 21st Century marriages, I wonder?

To date I haven’t blogged much about my husband.  Mostly as he does read my blog quite regularly, bless him, but also as the poor darling is scared of what I may write. (As if the world might be reading my blog.  Hmmm.  He can rest easy there!)

However many of us write about our partners regularly.  One of these, is notable blogger Kerri Sackville, whom I find hilarious.  Have you seen her husband-wife videos?  If not, I recommend you check them out on her blog here  I enjoy her humorous and refreshing honesty about married life!

But, a little email I received last night just begged to become a blog post.

Scenario: husband and I were in the living room.  Kids fast asleep.  Peace has been restored once more to our lives.  We were having typical mid-week quality time – he lying across one sofa on his laptop (it’s usually TV, so differed slightly from usual scene), and me sitting on the other sofa with my laptop.

My MS Outlook makes it’s reassuring ‘ping’ noise – a new email.  Maybe another blog comment!  Love comments on the blog…

So I open up MS Outlook and husband’s name is in the “From” field.  Huh?  He must’ve sent me an email when he was at work, and I’m only just receiving it now.

But when I open it, I realise no, he’s only just sent it. It reads:

: }-

That’s it.

My husband isn’t in IT, he works in a bank, and they don’t use emoticons in emails there at all.  His is a conservative workplace. Which is why I probably receive a fair few of them from him, at the end of an email or text message.

It’s a bit of a running joke between us.  He sends me odd ones that he makes up, like this :c or :$).

So back to this one  : }-…

I looked over and said, “What does that face mean?” and he just laughed.  It was fairly obvious to us what that face meant.  Both had a good chuckle. 

Hold on just a minute.  Is my husband now emailing me emoticons as a form of foreplay??!!  And all while we sit across from one another in the same room???

Sigh.  Yes, yes it has come to this.

But in all fairness, I’m guilty of initiating romance through the computer too.  Husband has a busy diary at work, and usually works 10-hour days.  So in order to ensure he’s home early enough for a decent “date night”, sometimes I send him a meeting request using MS Outlook.  That way it’s in both our online diaries – and we don’t forget, due to me setting a pop-up reminder, of course!  Writing things on the calendar just doesn’t cut it around here anymore.

But I’m happy.  And we do have date nights.  (Without our laptops).  We try to go out together regularly.  But usually it’s when one or both of us is going mad and need a kid-free adult outing…or I am feeling emotional and demand want some old-fashioned romance.

So I am very curious to know…how much quality time do you have with your partner, now you have kids?  Is it enough?  And does your partner send you stupid made-up emoticons? (No don’t answer that last question, I’m pretty sure that’s just me.)


5 responses to “Marital bliss, via the laptop

  1. I just found your blog on WordPress. I can certainly say that I share your struggles! Finding alone time with the husband is hard; we live in a city with no family close by, and only have one babysitter (that we rely on way too much.) I felt like your scenario on the couch could have easily been us!

  2. Funny post Alison! Yes we do schedule things online with each other too, usually our regular ‘date nights’ though I suspect J sends them to me so that its in his calendar not mine as I only have a regular old fashioned paper diary! We get quite a bit more ‘quality time’ with each other compared with many of my friends, as my parents visit every 3 weekends or so. The boys love having them here, so much to the point that Mr 4 tells us to go away! What we do miss though is the spontenaity of time together and adult time out with friends without children being around.

  3. Ahh … well, no, since we are separated, so I say make the most of what you can get! But we used to flirt a bit via email which was nice. I think these days, whatever works for you is okay.

  4. No use of the email yet, but we do need to start scheduling some more time to see each other. With shift work, no family close by, and no spare cash for a baby sitter, the only time we head out alone is if there is a function (party, wedding etc) that we really want to get to, and then we spend the whole time catching up with people we haven’t seen. Might have to start bribing the olds to come for a weekend visit soon.

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