The written word: putting pen to paper again

When was the last time you put pen to paper, wrote a personal letter, and then posted it?

With the prolific use of email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools, I’m guessing it could be some time ago.

Recently, a “Claire Hewitt” left a comment on my blog.  I clicked on her link to take a look at her blog, and read with great interest her most recent post, “Handwriting is the new black”.  Go have a read!

Claire professes her love for a hand-written card or letter, and also suggested a 6-week challenge to write at least one hand-written letter each week, and post it (yes, using stamps.)

Claire’s idea resonated with me immediately.  Ever since I was young, I loved writing and receiving letters in the post.  I think this love started when I was around eight, when a friend and I used to write letters to one another, adorn them with stickers, and cycle to each other’s houses to carefully place them in each other’s letterbox.

I’m also a big keeper of greeting cards, and still keep all mine and the kids’ birthday and Christmas cards (along with the drawings and paintings they do).  Let’s just say I have a few boxes stored under Mr.4’s bed filled with cards and letters.

Anyhow, so back to the 6-week challenge.

I’ve told Claire I’m in, and true to my word, picked out a few gorgeous cards today to write in.  (Nice excuse for some shopping I may add.)  Also bought some stamps, and noticed they’ve gone up to 60c now (it’s been a while!)

I visited Kikki K and chose four cards, as when you buy three, you get a card free:

So who am I sending these to?

1. Card with teapot & teacup – to my Mum, to say thanks for staying and helping with the kids this week (she lives in Sydney).  I hardly ever send her a thank-you note, so this one’s for her.

2. ‘Thinking of you’ leaf card – for my friend Katie, also in Sydney.  She’s celebrating her 40th next month and I won’t be there.  I’m sending her a birthday gift, but I also wanted to write her a letter.  We’ve been friends for a decade.

3. Zebra card – to my god-daughter Grace, in NZ.  We exchange birthday and Christmas gifts, and lots of emails with photos, but it’s high time I sent a card & letter to her from myself and the family.

4. Baby love card – to Fliss, a friend in Queensland who’s about to give birth to her third child.  They’ve had some hard times lately, and aside from a baby gift, want to send her a special note.  An example of keeping in touch via email and Facebook, and not writing or phoning.

Then as Father’s Day is around the corner, no.5 and no.6 had to be Father’s Day cards, right?  An easy option perhaps.  Well, I did make the point of choosing two special cards:

The one on the left is no.5, is for my Dad.  It cost me $7.95, way more than what I’d normally spend on a card.  But I think it really ”suits” my Dad.  It’s made by Egg Press, who are in Oregon, US, and use antique letterpresses to hand print each card.

Finally, no.6 is a Father’s Day card for my husband.  It’s a comic by Wulffmorgenthaler.  He’ll get handmade cards from the boys, but this one struck a chord as it’s a comic about sharks…and my husband is obsessed with great white sharks and great white fatalities (yeah, I know).  So I think he’ll appreciate it 🙂

I also plan on writing him a letter to include with the card.  It’s been a long time since I wrote a letter to my husband, and I will post this to him at his work address.

So, are you up for the challenge?  If so, visit Claire’s blog and she’ll add you to her list!


18 responses to “The written word: putting pen to paper again

  1. I’m a letter writer, I write to my grandparents and other family regularly. Stamps only went up a couple of months ago, so you’re not too out of the loop! Check out this blog for inspiration, she sends amazing letters all over the world, and she’s an aussie too!

  2. I used to write lots of letters, but not so much any more. I do enjoy it, when I do. I used to write to my Gran quite regularly, about once a month. Perhaps I should pick a friend and write them a letter, just out of the blue…

  3. This sounds great! I love sending and receiving mail. It’s such a lost art these days!
    I also didn’t know stamps were 60c!!! My goodness. 🙂
    I’m up for the challenge. I will visit Claire’s blog. 🙂

  4. oh this is such a great idea! i just came over via your twitter comment, nice blog!
    i better head over to claire’s blog too.
    nice cards.
    there are so many nice places to get great cards these days, years ago a dept store or the newsagent were the only choices. etsy, and other super-cute boutique online stationery stores (, write to me is lovely too as well as some lovely hand-sewn cards in my shop! (sorry i didnt come over to advertise although it may seem that way 🙂

    • Hi Jenny, I know, I love Etsy and Made It…but I was so eager to buy some cards I just reverted to the local shops…I did think about Made It though when I was in Kikki K!

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  6. Great cards, wow, you are organised, not only considered who is getting what, but having it purchased and ready to go, that is really getting into the joy of the theme.

    I also had a little home made craft session with the girls yesterday, they had the aim of making up some cards to send to family members. There was a little too much glitter on some of the pages to add in writing, but will be an added extra when they open it up.

  7. Within the last week or so I have recieved more about postal mail than I have ever in my entire life! There must be an epidemic! (And a good one at that!) I recently recieved a card from a friend of mine in the mail merely to aknowledge that she was their for me if needed after giving birth to our first beautiful baby girl! Breastfeeding was not as easy as hoped and her card definitley lifted my spirits! Since recieving this, and now after reading your entry, I will need to think of sending a card next time instead of a silly text or facebook message. It really does mean so much more!

  8. Brilliant idea. I used to love writing by hand but now I just email people. The only people I write to by hand are really old aunties who don’t have email. But you’re right we should ressurect our fountain pens and get scribbling because who ever saves an email however romantic or heartfelt? Well you might save it but would you print it out not really because it doesn’t look nice the way a bit of nice writing paper does

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