Needing a nook

In the last two months, since I started blogging on a regular basis, I’ve found myself craving a proper writing spot.  At the moment, this is where I usually blog.  Sitting up in bed.

While I love our super-comfy bed (in all it’s IKEA spottiness), I usually find myself writing slumped at a 45 degree angle.  Although cosy, it’s just not conducive to efficient Twittering, online shopping, blog reading writing.

When I plonk the laptop on the living room table and write, I get a slightly better outcome.  But it’s noisy – husband’s usually watching TV – and the boys either want to watch NASA rocket launches on You Tube (Mr.4) or play with the computer cord (Mr.1).

So, it’s time to get myself a writing desk.  Something small that can be placed in a quiet corner of the house.  A place where Mummy can leave her beautiful children with their Daddy for an hour and flee the chaos write.  A place where there’s simply no background noise, other than the whirr of my laptop’s fan…

I’ve pictured ‘The Writing Nook’ in my head now many times, and can envisage myself ploughing through blog writing and reading in a spot similar to this:

Lovely, yes?  But since my budget is virtually, um, non-existant, I’m going to have to get creative.  I could buy a cheap laminate computer desk, or a simple IKEA one.. 

However, I just love old wooden desks – even if they’re not in perfect condition.  Especially those with little built-in shelves hidden behind a drop-down desk, similar to this…

So I’m scouring eBay, and will hopefully pick one up soon for a decent price.  Once I’ve established ‘The Writing Nook’, I’ll post a photo!

Oh and hubby, if you’re reading this: first step – desk.  Next step, Macbook!

Where do you write best?


18 responses to “Needing a nook

  1. Oh cute bed spread!!
    I used to write alot in bed when I lived at home. Now that I’ve moved out with my boy, I blog on the couch. We have a big couch, so he sits on one end playing video games, and I sit next to him and blog. Then I get him to proof read 😛

    Good luck with eBay!

  2. I’m exactly the same! Minus the family. But I always type in my armchair, cross legged with my laptop on the arm of the chair, and after a good reading session my back just aches. I really want a bureau too, there’s a cheap one at Ikea but it looks cheap so I’m keeping my eye on Gumtree/Ebay. My mum has a beautiful old one, with glass doors with shelving on either side, it’ll be mine one day. Hopefully not for many many years though!

    • Thanks for your comment Zoe. There’s something about older pieces that are really special and I’m sure sitting at one would encourage writing to flow more creatively 🙂 That’s my excuse anyway – hopefully will find something decent (most looking like they’re out of my budget)..

  3. Love your bed!

    Right now, I’m lying in bed, but I do have a desk set up in my room that’s meant to be for uni study, but it also makes a damn good spot for blogging and Twittering!

    Obviously I don’t have little people running around and distracting me, so I can pretty much blog anywhere and remain relatively undisturbed, but I do find that doing it from a desk rather than a bed makes me much more productive (i.e. I can study AND tweet simultaneously). I love those little desks that can just sit in a corner – they just look so pretty and homey. xx

  4. I can’t wait to see what you find! Our house is so little that our desk (we each have an end) is in the central living space, but my laptop migrates around the house depending on what’s happening, so that I can get things done! Good luck with the searching!

    • I’ll definitely post a photo once I eventually get something set up. Thanks for Ryan’s l/sleeve top today – it’s great, like the fabric. Will try to make Mathilda’s Market end of month – even if your stall isn’t there (?) I would like to check out all the locally made things.

      • Its on Sunday in Hawthorn and I’m coming down for it! So I’ll be there! Luckily my sister in law is coming to help me. The only sad thing is that Will and Bren have to stay at home! (Girls weekend here we come!) 🙂

  5. ohhhh i love those desks, good luck with finding one..May ebay produce your requirement. I am only starting to write and I am doing it old school in a spirax notepad that I carry on me everywhere…

    • I’m thinking about using a notepad too actually. I learnt everything I have done on my blog through looking at WordPress Support forums and just playing around in the Widgets section. But will DM you on Twitter 🙂

  6. Hi, just found you at Blog This.

    I have just got back from the shops to get prices on a new macbook! I am the opposite of you and have a lovely little nook with the desk top all set up and everything here. Could do with a new chair, but what I really want is a new macbook or at least a laptop so I can sit on the couch and do some work near the kids. Miss 4 and 1 always hang around the desk still, Miss 1 loves to push the button, and woooo off it goes.

    I also want to get the new Adobe CS5 so I can play around with layouts and images. But alas, will be lucky to get time to write at all, let alone on a new Macbook.

    • I find it’s not easy trying to write with the kids in the same room! Actually I did take the laptop onto the front verandah the other day while my boys were in the front yard. Got a little done. Best time of course is once they’re asleep!

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