A parent? Who, me?

A solemn moment for a minute.

I had a tough afternoon with the boys.  Mr.1 was generally whiny which is unlike him, and Mr.4 was being overly silly and difficult, to the point where he simply wasn’t listening, and started laughing when I reprimanded him.  If there is one thing I won’t tolerate with my boys is disrespect – and although yes he is only 4, he needs to learn early that it’s unacceptable. 

So let’s just say it was an afternoon of time outs and tears, and not particularly positive parenting on my behalf.  Not a good way to end what was actually a lovely week.

Later on, as I was getting Mr.4 out of the bath, he stood on his step looking at himself in the mirror, with me in front of him.  I looked at myself in the reflection, with Mr.4 behind me (pulling faces). 

For some reason, as I briefly stared back at myself in the mirror, I suddenly saw myself as a teenager (clearly I don’t look like a teenager, rather, it was a feeling).

In that brief moment, it felt like my own childhood was only just yesterday, instead of being years ago.  And as I looked down at Mr.4 beside me, I couldn’t quite believe that it was me who was now a parent.  Trying to teach my children right from wrong – teach them things full-stop – and bring them up the best I can.

Of course I know I am a parent, and wife to boot…with a mortgage and bills to pay. 

But occasionally, I still can’t quite believe it.

Wasn’t I just a kid, like my own 4-year old, only a short while ago?  Sometimes it certainly feels that way.

Time does truly fly. 

I wonder if anyone else occasionally feels that way – or is it just me?


8 responses to “A parent? Who, me?

  1. I feel that way all the time too and like you, it seems it happens when I’m doing the “disciplinarian” thing. I must admit that afternoons like yours are what spook me about having a second bebito/a. It amazes me how often my Mum’s voice comes out of my mouth, “Food is for eating, not playing with” etc. I try and remember what it was like to be his age so I can empathise and hopefully parent better but it’s impossible. Sounds to me like you’re a great Mum though! xoxo

    • You sound like me! I wish I didn’t sound like my mum (or catch myself disciplining like my mum) ever. I also try to think back to when I was 4 – 5years old, but hardly have any time to reminisce…but I think it’s important to remember how it felt to be a young child. I always swore I would be more in tune with my kids…that there would not be such a large generation gap, like there was between me and my parents. But the older I get the larger I feel that generation gap getting…and it’s kinda scary!

  2. I do it all the time too! And also say things my mum used to. And my little darling is only 8 months old! 🙂 my fiancée often says to me “god you sound like your mum when you say that”. And I don’t really mind. But I still cant believe I’m a mother.
    Hope you have a better weekend lovely! xx

  3. I agree completely. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so used to having worked in childcare and been a nanny that sometimes I look at Miss Abbey and think, oh, wow, is she really mine? Do I really get to keep her? And then I think yes, I’m her Mum! I have wonderful memories of my childhood. I hope that I can give Miss Abbey just as many to carry through her lifetime. I’m sure as parents we will sometimes remember the bad days but our little ones will always remember the good ones where they got to just be a kid and have fun, like they’re supposed to! 🙂

    • I certainly hope they remember the good times…days like playing in the backyard or just doing simple things. My fondest memories as a child were ones where I was playing outdoors, making daisy chains in the grass, swimming, practicing handstands until it got dark. Definitely the simple moments.

  4. I agree! Time does go by just way too fast! I have only noticed though since I had children of my own when every day seems to get busier than the day before. Before you know it days have turned into weeks and weeks into months and months into years. Life can be a blur at times so it’s important to stop and soak in those special moments with our own children & hope more than anything in the world that they will have fond memories of their childhood. Cassiex

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