Art & fashion, boy style

Well it was a little art and fashion house at my place yesterday!  It was a cold rainy day – not great with two very active boys.  Thankfully I grabbed a roll of butcher paper from IKEA earlier in the week, and we spent a long time drawing.

We have really small rooms in our house, but a big hallway, so our hall get used for a lot for things other than walking down – playing catch, remote control cars, ride on toys, racing matchbox cars, blowing bubbles etc. 

So it was the perfect spot to stick some butcher paper down and let the boys scribble away. 


We were all on the floor drawing and then what should arrive at the front door, but a little parcel from Mm is for Me

I’d ordered a t-shirt for Mr.1 and Ashleigh, owner of Mm is for Me, sent me some wall stickers for Mr.1’s room too!!  (His real name is Ryan, by the way, not Mr.1.)

So I immediately ripped Mr.1’s skivvy off – groovy as it is – and put his “R” t-shirt on (which admittedly, is much groovier).  The size 2 t-shirt is a little big but will be perfect for summer.  He looks mega cute in it, don’t you think?  Also the wall stickers about his cot look fab…

If you’d like to win some wall stickers for your own child’s room, Ashleigh will personalise some for the lucky winner of my giveaway this month!  You can enter the giveaway here.

Most importantly, since putting the stickers above his cot and sounding them out a few times to Mr.1, he now already points to ‘a’ and says ”a”!

The morning ended like this (similar to the end of baking paper incident)..

..but it was fun while it lasted!


4 responses to “Art & fashion, boy style

  1. Lovely pictures, they are really concentrating. It’s nice to see your front door with the special glass window in the photo. I like how you give them the freedom to be. I really enjoy your simple posts.

  2. Looks like the boys had a great time, super clever idea there Mum! Mr 1 is just beyond adorable. Makes me all clucky when I look at him! Think I’ll line him up as my future son-in-law thanks. 🙂

  3. That looks like lots of fun! I’m so glad you liked your parcel. He looks supercute in his shirt (they are both supercute anyway of course!) and the wall stickers look brilliant above his cot! ‘Thank you for all the lovely things you say about Mm is for me!

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