Life’s simple pleasures

I don’t know about you, but often the nicest days for us as a family is when we have nothing planned, and we just let the day lead us where it wants to.

Today was one of those days…ahhhh!  After the last few weekends involving chaotic kids birthday parties and entertaining friends at home, it was so good having a day free of commitments!

It turned out to be a beautiful sunny winter’s day in Melbourne.  Once we’d had breakfast I took Mr.1 for a long walk, which was really envigorating (note to self – try to go for a walk first thing every morning…yes, even if it’s freezing cold – you always feel better for it).  Grabbed my usual coffee a local cafe. 

Then came home to find husband and Mr.4 had taken off to the park.  No matter – Mr.1 and I spent some lovely quality time together!

He took great delight in learning two things: how to connect and pull apart Duplo blocks (very pleased with himself, laughing each time he did it), and putting magnetic letters on the side of the fridge (delighting in the fact that he was ”sticking” them on himself).  So cute.

Later on, we paid a visit to Bunnings (for some reason love browsing the aisles there) and we got some herbs to plant in an old pot at home.  Mr.4 helped me plant them this afternoon.  Planting herbs or flowers is such a simple activity to do with kids…and Mr.4 is always so relaxed and happy when he’s helping in the garden..seems to almost calm him.

So now we have the beginnings of a mini herb garden (along with our vege patch that’s going well).  The terracotta herb sticks were also from Bunnings ($2.50 each):

Then onto the kitchen.  Mr.4 baked savoury muffins on Friday at kinder which he really liked, so I made some cheese & corn ones.  Recipe was from Taste.  I’ve never actually made savoury muffins for the kids before (usually blueberry, raspberry or apple etc) so it’s nice to have an alternative now..

To end the day, the boys had a long bubble bath together, poor Mr.1 doesn’t really stand a chance against Mr.4 at the moment and gets covered in bubbles…but he’s learning to fight back 🙂


Then once the kids were in bed, husband went down to the supermarket to get a few things…and came back with a block of Lindt Dark Pear Intense!  (Yes husband, if you are reading this, you did good!)  Nothing like ending the day with a couple of green teas and a few squares of qualiy DARK choc!

Me & my Lindt provider..

I’m sure that the older I get, the simpler I like life to be. 

What simple pleasures did you enjoy this weekend?


7 responses to “Life’s simple pleasures

  1. You are a truly beautiful family. I agree with you that it’s nice to not have too much on and just see where the day takes you. I enjoyed myself some Haigh’s and an early night on Saturday which was awesome after the last few weeks of crazy!

  2. Hello. I love the way you write about the simple things. They truly are what bring the greatest pleasure. I sense a beautiful contentment in your family life.
    Frances x 🙂

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