Best birthday gift ever

I turned 34 on Tuesday this week (still trying to work out how that happened!).  I’ve reached the point now where my own birthday is pretty low-key…it’s all about the kids’ birthdays now, and I don’t mind that at all.  Husband and I did go out for dinner & we had great night, and next week we’re having pizza with a few close friends.

Gift-wise, the family got me just a couple of small things: Sohum candle currently making my hallway smell gorgeous, and Diorshow mascara (rare treat) that makes my eyelashes smell like roses! 🙂  

But I get more pleasure from receiving a handmade card by Mr.4 than I do from any material things.  I just don’t want lots of ‘stuff’ anymore. 

Simple experiences are what I appreciate now – like a delicious meal, really good chocolate, a cup of tea with a good book, a long bubble bath, going for a leisurely walk on a sunny afternoon.  

Anyhow, I already have the best gift ever…

Two gifts, actually.

Because when you have two happy, healthy children, what on earth else could you wish for on your birthday?



3 responses to “Best birthday gift ever

  1. So glad you had a great birthday. And, I AGREE! I love both Sohum and Dior and would really prefer quality over quantity myself. What beautiful little blessings you have. I love that photo of you together.

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