Personal blogging: it’s one big journey

This post was written for inclusion in the Carnival of Personal Blogging hosted by Good Goog and Blogs With Wings. This month our participants have shared their journey to personal blogging. Please visit Good Goog – Begin By Being Personal to view everyone’s posts.

When I started blogging back in January, I had absolutely no clue what I was trying to achieve. 

I still don’t really have an exact idea.  And I know my blog is far from being what – or where – I want it to be. 

But, six months later, at least I’m now blogging about things I want to write about.  I think the first challenge is actually figuring that out in itself.  Once you figure that out, blogging is extremely enjoyable.  Addictive even, as I’m finding out now!

I started blogging about interior design and decor, because I love it.  But it wasn’t long until I bored myself with my own blog (er, not good).  So I then started adding blog posts about Melbourne and its architecture, because they are another two things I love. 

But as my blog evolved, I discovered what I really wanted to blog about was my day to day life and my family.  Write about days we’d had together, add photos…blog about funny things one of us has said or done – because these are the things I really want to remember and are most important to me. 

My main concern, though, was that people would find a blog about my life and my kids, well, boring.

And that brought me to my next discovery.  I remember taking a break from it and just thinking about my blog for a few days.  I realised, why did I care what people thought?  Who is my blog for anyway?  For me, or to try generate lots of hits, so I can make some money out of it someday?

It was very clear what the answer was:  my blog was for me, and me alone!  As a personal blogger, once you realise this, that’s when blogging becomes really exciting!  It shouldn’t matter how many hits you get, or whether someone comments on your post.  It should be about making yourself smile when you blog about something that interests you.

Now that I’ve figured out that major piece of the puzzle…where to next?  Where do I want to take my blog?  Well, I just started doing a monthly giveaway.  I like the idea of using my blog to promote some aussie-made products, and in return, be able to post someone a little something each month.  I’ll definitely enjoy doing that! 

That aside, I just want to continue blogging regularly and improving my writing skills along the way.  Finally, I want to maintain contact with the many wonderful personal bloggers I’ve come across, who I would never have met if I hadn’t started this journey.

Happy blogging!  Alison



12 responses to “Personal blogging: it’s one big journey

  1. I got into blogging when we were living overseas, as a way of keeping my friends and family in touch with what we are doing, seeing pics of the kids growing up and on special days like birthdays etc. But it quickly became addictive, and now we’ve returned home, I started a travel blog about places we go and things we do. But I also do a personal one ( which strangely is more popular than the travel one, where I blog about my kids and I and our lives in general. To me, it’s like keeping a journal. Okay, it may be public, but people only have to read it if they want to. I’m hoping it is something I can leave for my kids so that they know how loved they are, and that significant things – and even the silly ones – are always there for them to check in with. People who blog don’t get it, but like you, my blog is for me really, and that’s all that matters.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! Mine is also for my kids too…hoping it might be a nice keepsake/journal they can read and see what things we got up to when they were little. I agree that people who blog get it, and people who don’t, won’t understand…there’s definitely a ”blogging community”!

  2. I’m the same when it comes to writing a journal. I started one when my son was born to keep a record of his first year along with a photo of each day. There would be times I’d forget and have a weeks worth to write at the weekend. And with baby brain that’s not easy! There are also lots of photo’s of him in his pj’s or in bed when I’d forgotten to take one that day! I’m glad I stuck with it and I already enjoy looking back over the early days. I started my blog as a little diary about the launch of my stationery line. Hopefully one day when Buttercup Ink products are taking over the world I’ll be able to look back fondly at its infancy!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

    • Thanks for your comment Vari! I had a look at your site, it’s great – like the mix of personal blogging and about your stationery also. I like your products, am sure you’ll have no problems getting retailers to take it on! Alison

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  4. It’s interesting to watch your favourite blogs evolve and change direction 🙂 My current blog is the second one that I’ve had (after my first crashing) and even though I’ve been blogging for 4 years now, it still takes me some time to decide which direction to take it. I look forward to reading more of your posts, Alison.

    • Thanks Tina! I find my posts depend on my mood as well…I’m not sure I’ll be able to change that fact! But I’m quite sure blogging about my own life is the right thing for me, I am excited doing it and it feels right!

  5. I popped in to have a look around after seeing your link on the Carnival over at Good Goog’s and have to say this post struck a cord with me. I have been blogging for nearly four years after starting my blog when we lived overseas as a way for family and friends to keep in touch with our lives and our new baby. Now my blog is a way for me to keep a record of the milestone’s in my girls lives. But I am starting to feel the pressure of maintaining that public persona vs. blogging about the very personal aspects of my girls lives. Sigh. I think I am just having a blogging midlife crisis!

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