Last day of 33

I turn 34 tomorrow which I guess technically means I’m now in my “mid-thirties”.  Bleh.  I don’t really like the fact I’m another year older, but it doesn’t particularly faze me, either.  Maybe with each passing year I’m accepting more and more the ageing process for what it is.  In terms of physical ageing it’s not ideal, but not a lot you can do about it, and it happens to us all.  The emotional and mental maturity though that comes with getting older is actually quite enjoyable I think.  I certainly now value opinions of the generation before me, and also like observing the generation following me (sometimes with much amusement).

Born in the year..of Rocky

The past 365 years has flown by in a bit of a blur. This time a year ago Mr.1 was three months old, so I was smack-bang in the middle of those first few months of sleep deprivation.  As for Mr.4, I remember we were in the throes of toilet training and tantrums (seriously fun combo).  In fact I don’t really remember much of my 33rd birthday at all! 

I do know that my 33rd year was been filled with the most intense, constant parenting I’ve ever experienced to date.  There really has been little time for reflection, and any ”me time” moments have been fairly brief.

To avoid thinking about compensate for turning a year older, on every birthday, I always try look back on what I’ve achieved.  And I think that just getting through my first year of parenting two young boys was achievement enough for this year!

But what to become of my 34th year?  Parenting aside, I think might set myself a few other goals.  Like getting fitter.  A successful return to part-time work.  Keeping on blogging!

Though for now, I’m just focused on tomorrow!  Husband’s going into work later so we’ll all have the morning together 🙂 At home with the boys, sharing some cake with lots of candles and sparklers.  Then at night, husband and I are going on the tramcar restaurant that goes around Melbourne…in my eight years of living here, never seemed to get around to doing it, so we finally are.  I can’t wait!


2 responses to “Last day of 33

  1. I’m sure you’ll look back on this as one of your best years in the future, remembering when both your boys were little. For as everyone reminds us, our little ones grow so fast, they’ll be teenagers before we know it (yikes, lets not even think what age that will put us at!). Have a great birthday, and a fabulous night out. I’ve heard so many good things about the tramcar. When I used to drive home from work late I’d see it quite often and it looks so romantic and lovely. 🙂

  2. Thank you! Yes it was a really special year, lots of days just me and the boys doing simple things together and also watching their relationship as brothers grow.

    It does look romantic that tramcar…been a while since husband and I have had a proper date so should be perfect for it!

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