An interview with Mr.4

Shamelessly I have copied the idea of Jodie Ansted at Mummy Mayhem and Bern Morley at So Now What? – and interviewed Mr.4 this morning over breakfast.  Here’s what he had to say.

1. What do you want to do when you grow up? I want to be a big boy.  And eat the stalks.” (broccoli stalks.)

2. How old are you?  “4”

3. How old am I? “33” (clever!)

4. How old is Dad?  “41” (wow!)

5. What do you like most about childcare or kinder?  “Playing with Sarah.” (his long-term childcare girlfriend, they share the same birthday)

6. What do you like to do outside?  “Jump on the trampoline.”

7. What do you like to do inside? “Drawing” (my little budding artist)

8. What is your favourite toy?  “Teddy” (Much-loved Teddy has had ears and body stitched back together several times, and today discovered his tail is about to fall off.)

9. What is your favourite game?  “The fish memory game I play with Nanna.” (Memory Fish.)

10. Do you have a favourite TV show?  “Calliou.” (latest ABC Kids favourite)

11. Do you have a favourite movie?  “The Thomas movie” (new one with Hiro in it)

12. Do you have a favourite book?  “Thomas.” (60-odd small Thomas Tank books – I get to read them over and over..and over again!)

13. Do you have a favourite colour?  “Dark blue and yellow.”

14. What’s your favourite number?  “4” (just turned 4)

15. What’s your favourite food?  “Cheerios!!” (has been begging me to buy them)

16. What is something that’s really good for you?  “Broccolï.” (see Q1)

17. Do you have a favourite friend?  “Sarah” (refer Q5)

18. What time do you usually go to bed?  “6 o’clock” (Oh my treasure, if only you would be so kind!)

19. What time do you wake up?  “Daytime.” (It can often be pitch black outside, but technically daytime)

20. Anything else you’d like to add?  “I like icecream.” (Such a sweet tooth!)

I am definitely going to interview my kids annually! Will be great for both them and us to look back at what they said.

(Mr.1 omitted from this interview, though his answers would probably include the words ”car”, ”toot toot”, ”bye bye”, “teddy”, “no”, “dada”, “mum-mmm”, “baa-di” for Buddy the cat…”tana” for sultana, ”na-na” for banana, “tst” for toast, ”chiz” for cheese.)


6 responses to “An interview with Mr.4

  1. What a very clever 4yo you have there!

    My kids hassle me to buy Cheerios too, but then only the 6yo eats them! And usually we only eat them during school holidays, but seeing that the 8yo & the 3yo are avoiding them, the 6yo will keep asking for them until they’re gone. *sigh*

    Loved it. x

    • I return your sigh *sigh*…I don’t know what the deal is with Cheerios…I think he likes the appeal of the small round circles (look like car tyres). But then only wants to eat them dry without milk (looks like he’s eating dry cat food). And then only eats small amounts at a time, so half the packet ends up stale anyway!

  2. I LOVE reading these interviews. Mr. 4 sounds very cute!

    And I loved reading your commentary too – I also possess the ability to tell the time from the ABC Kids program line-up… very handy indeed!


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