No baking this week kids

About sixty seconds is all my fiesty Mr.1 needs to find something new, usually from the kitchen, and destroy play with it.  I thought Mr.4 was the fiesty one, but lately Mr.1 has been proving me wrong on this point..

Yesterday it was the roll of baking paper.  I’m surprised he hasn’t got to it before, considering how many times he’s attacked discovered the contents of the kitchen drawers.

As a result there will be no baking this week, as after I’d taken these photos, Mr. 1 then sat on the kitchen floor and proceeded to rip the 2 metres-odd of baking paper to shreds, with much force and gusto.

Still, cheap thrills 🙂

Hear loud rustling and spy the end of the roll

Maybe this will make my fireplace spot a little comfier

Oh screw that, who has the time! Back to my kitchen drawer!

Is there a problem?

Yes, I have a teal. green. kitchen. Teal green.


11 responses to “No baking this week kids

  1. Can I say number 1) your little man is freaking adorable and 2) your kitchen drawer is much easier on the eye than mine. Teal kitchen hey. Nice, I like it 🙂

  2. very cute. I like your style..let them and have some fun. My husband tells me off for letting my son play with stuff from the pantry. “I spend all week telling him No! and you just go let him do it!’ (I try not to laugh at him but I find being told off very amusing)

    Cheap thrills I say. Well that depends did you going to roll the baking paper back up? 😉

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