A beautiful blog carnival, if I ever did see one

I started my blog a few months ago, just as a space to record things I’d done with the kids, photos, and thoughts.  I then stopped blogging for a while, as I was a bit disconcerted about what the point of it was, aside from a being personal space. 

I knew it could be ”bigger” and perhaps, maybe, someone would read it?  Then I joined Twitter, and came across many lovely blogging mums, both in Australia and overseas.  I had no idea there were so many mums out there blogging away, just like me…except some of them on a much larger scale, to a much bigger audience!  I was totally blown away. 

And the majority of ”mummy blogs” I’ve come across are truly well-written: insightful, touching, witty…and some are downright hilarious!

I was also lucky enough to come across the Aussie Mummy Bloggers site, which has close to 400 members and a huge blog directory (am yet to get through this list).  They are having a Blog Carnival over the next few months which I am proudly a part of! 🙂

There are two rounds of blogs featured in the carnival this month.  You can take a look at some wonderful blogs by clicking here and here.  Thank you to Kristin at Wanderlust for hosting this month, and to Brenda at Mummy-Time (creator of AMB).

When you find a minute or two, enjoy some quality reading!


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