What’s sitting on yours?

So I have this thing with…kitchen window sills.  The main window sill, the one that typically sits above the sink. 

It’s a known fact that people, when visiting someone else’s home, often have a quick peek in the bathroom cupboards when they use the loo.  Have a bit of a sticky-beak around.  Personally, I don’t care about what’s in someone’s bathroom…but for some reason, I usually catch myself checking out their kitchen window sill.  (Weird, I know.) 

For example, if we’re all standing around having a coffee or drink in the kitchen, I can’t help but have a quick squiz to see what they’re showing off up there. 

Sometimes I see a sill littered with odds and ends – sticky medicine cups, dummies, scrunched up supermarket receipts. 

This is not pleasing.

But other times I see a little piece of decorative beauty.  A posy of flowers.  A tasteful piece of kitchen decor.  Occasionally, a gorgeous scented candle!  All neatly arranged.  I wonder how people like this keep their window sills so free of crap.  Am suitably impressed.

So why do I actually care?  I’m not exactly sure.  If I hazard a guess, I think it’s because my kitchen windowsill can just really bug me, because I see a LOT of the thing.  When I’m doing the dishes….there it is.  I look through the window watching Mr.4 in the backyard, and there it is again.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be keen to know what it looks like.  So here it is, pre-makeover:


YAWN.  There’s an old L’Occitane lavender hand cream bottle which I put there months ago, an attempt to encourage myself to moisturise my hands after washing the dishes (have used it about 5 times).  Trusty handwash (switch brands often).  A few small toys which I throw on Mr.1’s highchair tray to keep him entertained; and an empty water bottle I’ve been meaning to fill for about a week.

Clearly it’s in need of a revamp.  It depressed me so much looking at it tonight while washing up that it prompted this blog.  When I have something lovely on my kitchen window sill, it seriously makes me happier.  Like a little bunch of flowers, and a colourful drawing Mr.4 has done.  But it usually ends up a dumping ground for various bits and pieces (like many other spots in the house).

So enough!  I, um, inspired myself to redecorate my kitchen windowsill!  And after all of 10 minutes, here it is now:

Ahhh.  Much better.  (I love starfish.)  Bit bathroom-y, but had to work with what I had at hand.  Would prefer a Sohum candle and roses – or single gerberas, one in each of a few tall recycled bottles.  But it’s an improvement tho, yes?

So I’ve shown you mine.  Give me a thrill and show me yours!  I’m extremely curious 🙂 

Email me at melbournemumma@iinet.net.au with a pic of your sill.  I’ll add it to this blog post, with a link through to your blog too – bonus!


7 responses to “What’s sitting on yours?

  1. Oh I feel so left out, my shoebox doesn’t HAVE a window sill. Well, it has a low window ledge, but I can’t put anything on it as Miss Abbey spends half her day standing there staring out the window. Yours looks lovely though, very beachy 🙂

  2. I’ve never owned a dishwasher so have spent much time at the kitchen sink looking at the window sill over the years. If I have tomatoes, I’ll often place them there to ripen in the sunshine. A tiny ceramic dish holds plastic bread bag clips which I’ll use to scrape pots and pans. Outside, there’s a bird bath directly in front of the window so that I can clearly see visiting birds.

    Your transformed window sill looks lovely. It’s not just the items you’ve chosen, but also the soft colors that make it look so calming.

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  4. Hi Melbourne Momma,

    Just a few minutes ago, I posted a blog on my blog site, http://www.enchantedspiritualliving@wordpress.com. It is a senior citizen’s perspective on the simple life that you crave. I urge you to not wait until you are my age to pursue your passions. Pursue them one at a time, if you have to, but pursue them. You never know what will grow from the seeds you plant while you are young. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Keep up the good work, Momma.

    Just a simple, senior citizen, with blog name Butterfly Woman, pursuing her passions: writing and enchanted spiritual living.

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