A lazy Sunday…by a lazy blogger

I am feeling so behind with blogging!  I have lots to blog about, but the last few days, not much time to do it.  Mr.3 became Mr.4 on Saturday (I want to blog about that of course) so we did some celebrating yesterday…and since Mr.1 started walking last week, the trail of destruction through the house has further increased.  I’d underestimated the little man’s recent milestone.

Today was a quiet one mostly spent at home, and it was a gorgeous sunny winter’s day here.  So we all just hung out in the backyard together this morning. 

Mr.4 got some kids gardening tools and a wheelie bin for his birthday (as he likes weeding the garden?! didn’t inherit green thumb from us) as he can’t push the big green waste bin around.  So now has his own bin to fill up.  He actually weeded the whole front garden bed (3 plants + 3,000 weeds approx) with his Dad, so he was exhausted tonight. 

Anyhow, I wanted to post these photos as I managed to get a few decent shots!

Ryan, Mr.1 @ 14.5 months

(Co-ordination of shoes with wheelie bin unintentional)

The newly Mr.4

Oh how this car is loved!

Actually managed to grow some veges! Garlic, various spinach, cauliflower, broccoli

Sitting together at this table for the first time (prior, Mr.1 would just fall/roll off)

Back to a little more intense blogging tomorrow 🙂


4 responses to “A lazy Sunday…by a lazy blogger

    • It’s rewarding growing your own veges, definitely…cost vs actual produce not beneficial on a small scale, but what you do get tastes great. We got heaps of cherry tomatoes during summer and the most flavoursome we’ve ever had – like how tomatoes used to taste!

  1. ohh thats gorgeousss , i love the way you write , lighthearted and cheerful …
    the pics are so cute , i love taking photos of my little miss bossy, precious moments , i put them in an album and she loves going through it!

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