The skivvy is back

Is the skivvy really back?  I don’t know, I kind of stopped keeping up to date with fashion trends once I stopped working after having Mr.1, and ran out of money. 

Well for my two boys anyway, the skivvy is BACK BABY, and in a big way around here!  You don’t muck around when it’s July and you live in Melbourne.  It is so bloody freezing here, and we live close to the bay – fantastic in summer, but it’s extra cold come wintertime.  And Melbourne is cold enough…

So this morning when I was getting the kids dressed, without even thinking, I found myself reaching for their trusty skivvies.  I just love these soft, warm little skivvies I thought, shoving Mr.1’s head through the tight neck opening, much to his utter disgust.  I even think they look so cute in skivvies, with the turtleneck coming right up under their chubby little chins.

These are $6 skivvies from Target, mind you…we’re talking the no-fuss, plain, cotton-knit kind.  White, blue, grey, red.  I think they even do a bright green.

However, as Mr.1 began to whine while the turtleneck was stuck, stretched tight over his head (chill, he could breathe) I had a major flashback: I used to loathe wearing skivvies as a kid myself.

Back in the 1980’s 1990’s ..alright, early 1980’s when I was in primary school, I remember my Mum making me wear white skivvies under my red & green tartan tunic in winter.  I hated them with a passion and wanted to wear a white shirt instead.  I was the walking epitome of d-o-r-k. 

Although I was livid about it at the time, as a Mum now myself I totally get why I was made to wear the skivvies:  they were cheaper than shirts, there was no ironing involved, and she was a working Mum too (sorry Mum for all the whining..oh God, I am so sorry.).

And then I took one look at Mr.1…in his ummm – white – skivvy.  A second-hand Target skivvy to boot, lovingly handed down to him from his older brother.  This was him today:

Yeah, I’m real trendy, Mum

And so this means one of two things.  I’m turning into my mother.  WE ALL KNOW THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE IMPOSSIBILITY.  So the only other explanation is, I am a practical, yet on-trend, Mum. 

Yep, you heard it here first:  the skivvy is back, in a big way.

So am I a complete dag of a Mum, or do you shove your kids’ heads into skivvies during winter too?


24 responses to “The skivvy is back

  1. Funnily enough, I also live close to the bay ;-), and must admit that I’ve been guilty of putting skivvies on Miss Abbey quite a few times of late. I’ve found a super cool pink one from Big W for $7 with multicoloured polka dots on it, does that make it ok? 🙂

    • Please refrain from just swanning on in, stealing my thunder with your uber-cool pink polka-dot skivvies. That’s getting a little too ”designer”, despite its origin. Let’s just stick to the plain ones.

  2. Personally, I love a good ole skivvy! Just bought a lovely grey one from Esprit for myself the other day. Thinking I might go back for more.

    I bought some cute striped one for the boys before we headed to Canberra recently. Figured they could do with the extra warmth around the neck!

    As for turning in to your mother….I think we all do eventually. Whether we like it or not!


    • Yes I think I remember discovering some striped ones at Target a year or two a ago for boys..but they already had enough plain ones due to my skivvy love.

      Funnily enough I don’t wear then myself probably because of emotional scarring due to childhood experience (as per above).

      As for turning into my mother…!

  3. My girls got put into skivvies A LOT when they were young enough not to remove them. But once both girls figured out how to contort their bodies to get the dread skivvy off it was all over. Mind you neither of my girls can stand having the top button on a jacket or shirt done up either, they like their necks exposed. Sometimes if I’m lucky the oldest will wear a scarf.

    • I think this will be my last year of putting my eldest into a skivvy (sob) as he complains about them but once I’ve pushed his head through the top he knows he can’t win this battle, because can’t get it back off again himself. But yes probably only one more year.

      Fortunately second child will have huge skivvy selection due to hand me downs, and can wear one everyday!

  4. Totally guilty of this. Especially the dodgy haircuts. I gave my 2yo (at the time) daughter a lego man hair cut. What the hell was I thinking?

    Very cute little man!

  5. Thanks for the comment! Who knows, Lego helmet haircuts might back a comeback along with the skivvy. Anyhow, I got to go get my kids dressed for the day. You know what I’ll be reaching for.

  6. I just found your blog, your boys are so cute! I hated the skivvy my mum forced on me too, I grew up in country Vic so even colder than melb at night. And for some reason I planned a trip home next week! I’m in Perth now and I’m going to freeze, I might have to invest in a skivvy.

    • Hi Zoe, thanks for your comment! And it would make me extra pleased if this blog post inspired you to buy a skivvy or two for your upcoming trip back here. Best ‘n Less or similar, of course.

    • Thank you Kristin! Am biased but think he looks pretty cute in his white skivvy 🙂 You are doing a wonderful job hosting everyone and twittering about the AMB carnival, thanks again.

  7. I love skivvies! Love love love.

    I even wish I could find the bloody things in my size, so that I can wear them in winter. Yes, I do suffer from the cold, just a little. Fashion be damned.

  8. What a gorgeous little man! I was guilty of the skivvy thing last winter, even though we’re in Queensland – they do look so cute in them! This year the hand-me-downs didn’t include skivvies so we gave them a miss 🙂 but after seeing your photo I want to go out and buy one!
    Ha ha! The “white Wiggle”!

    • Hi Ash, thanks for your comment. I don’t think your boy would need a skivvies judging by the gorgeous clothing you design! Your comment just got you a sale from me!

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