Try a bra or two on for me?

You’re about the size I like…12C, 14B.  Prefer black, if that’s ok.  Plunge, push-up?  Nope, not too keen on deliberate flaunting of boob thanks.  Subtlety is key.  And not anything flesh coloured: practical yes, with amazing powers of invisibility, but a little too drab for my liking..

I’m in DESPERATE need of some time to go bra shopping.  So much so, I would be willing to have a similar-sized female try some on for me, and buy a couple on my behalf.  (I’d pay you back!)

Granted, I’m not in complete dire straits when it comes to undergarments.  I’m not walking around still wearing my old soft-cup maternity bras.  I have moved on.  But its reached the point now where I have about three on rotation:  a white sports bra, a white padded t-shirt bra, and a black lace bra.  All of which are starting to look pretty tired.  A bit like me.

So, I figure I need to carve out some time for lingerie shopping.  Just let me repeat that for myself.  Carve out some time for LINGERIE SHOPPING.  Yes, heard myself correctly, and yes, am insane! (No surprises there..)  I can barely carve out the time to do a decent supermarket shop.  Or get to the hairdresser.  Or weed the garden.  Or mop the floors.  Or clean out the pantry.  Or organise an electrician.  Or finish my kids’ baby albums.  Or or or or. 

(OK maybe I could do all those things if I stopped blogging and twittering.  But we all need recreational pursuits.  Husband if you are reading this, each to their own remember.  At least I don’t waste half my life searching for cars on Carsales.)

Anyhow, it’s been so long since I casually strolled through Myer’s or DJ’s lingerie departments, plucking lacy Lovable, Bendon, La Perla numbers (what the hell, I have the TIME!) off the racks to try on.  I can hardly remember when I last specifically went to the shops to buy lingerie. 

Oh hang on – yes I can.

It was a few months after the birth of Mr.3 (who turns four this coming weekend).  So that makes it almost four years now since I went on a proper lingerie shopping trip.  I’d finished breastfeeding, and decided it was high time to swap my unsupportive, frumpy, milk-stained maternity bras for some new stylish ‘n sexy ones.  Bras of the BC type.  Non-mummy-type bras.  I also had a sneaking suspicion that since pregnancy and breastfeeding, my boobs had changed somewhat.

I picked a few in my usual sizes – 12D, 14C – and headed off confidently to the changeroom.  This was fun!  Just like old times!  Try on first bra.  Puckering at the edges.  Straps need adjusting…ok.  Still puckering at edges.  Cheap shit bra, get nothing for your money nowadays.  Try on second bra.  Pretty lace, so gorgeous, love this!  Lace gaping along entire front of both cups.  Start to get teary.  Sternly look at self in mirror.  Get a grip woman, you just need to try on some more – it takes time to find the perfect bra, remember?!  Hurriedly shove boobs into tried-and-true Berlei sports bra.  Breathe sigh of relief as reliable sports bra moulds to whatever is left of post-breastfeeding boob flesh.  Am still a C cup in Berlei sports bra!  Buy Berlei sports bra and hurriedly leave lingerie department….still teary.

That was, of course almost four years ago and I have so accepted I am now a whole cup size smaller than I was BB (before breastfeeding). 

So now, when I do decide to make it a priority, I’m up for the next round of lingerie shopping – this time after breastfeeding the second kid.  And I’ll be buying something fancy, with lace…even if it means foregoing a cup size or two.  I’m totally over caring.  I birthed and then fed two human beings, goddammit.  And that is what really matters.  (So much unselfish, unconditional love for those children of mine.)

What about you – do you ever go lingerie shopping anymore?


One response to “Try a bra or two on for me?

  1. Never. I pick up a bra everytime my black or white one gets feral.

    Plus being 12A is a cruel cup, and need a little *ahem* help in the filling out dept.

    Although putting on weight lately’s only benefit has been a little bit of cleavage.

    great blog x

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