The Ageing Process: Cruel, and Illogical

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting drawing with Mr.3.  He was amazingly quiet, so I became quite absorbed in my drawing.  Suddenly he shouts out: “WHAT COLOUR IS THAT HAIR?”

After literally jumping out of my skin, I ask, “What hair, James?”  “THAT one…there,” he replies, pointing to a hair near my ear.  Sigh.  I don’t need a mirror to answer.  “It’s grey.”

“Why do you have grey hair?”  “Because, James..when you get, uh, old…er, your hair becomes grey.  But I only have a few grey hairs, because I’m not very old yet.”  (Yes, am NOT very old.  Not even close to getting old, at all.  Ever, in fact).

Later on that day I was in the bathroom and did a quick check of the hairline.  Yep, greys clearly apparent.  Must get to the hairdresser to have roots redone.  Somehow without children in tow.  Which means I should make it there by 2013.

Then as the kids didn’t sound like they were killing each other, I indulged in a thirty second assessment of my appearance.  Which I hardly ever do.  Fine wrinkles?  Yep, still there…don’t appear to be deepening.  Good.  God, look at those sun spots on the side of my face!  When did that happen?  SPF15 obviously not cutting it anymore…

Then – what the hell is this?  A ZIT?  Lovely, a massive zit right in the middle of my chin.  Move in for closer inspection.  A second pimple, on my jawline.  A third zit, this one at the top of my cheek. 

A quick mental calculation reminds me my period’s due.  Ok, so pimples can be blamed on hormones – should be gone in a few days.  (Remove myself from bathroom before I get too depressed).

But why should I be still getting zits at the age of 33, along with my fine lines and sun spots?  It seems completely illogical and unfair to me.  Not only do I have to suffer the effects of ageing, but suffer from pimples each month, like some hormone-ravaged teenager.

Is anyone else in the same boat as me?

Oh, and I’ll spare you by not adding a photo of my pimply, wrinkly face. 😉


3 responses to “The Ageing Process: Cruel, and Illogical

  1. Same! Turned about 30, first grey, been dying it ever since, but at times, I wish I could just be crazy bag lady and let it all grow out, but seeing as I am only 35, not likely.

    Zits, oh my freaking god. Why??? I’ve done my time, surely they can just pee off now.

    Mother nature is a cruel cruel woman.

    Lovely blog btw 🙂

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