My Carsales Addict

My husband is a wonderful man and father, and I love him very much. (YES I do, even when I am grumpy at you).

For the last few months, he has been researching cars on Carsales.  We are getting a bigger car at the end of the year.  This means my husband’s daily car research has to commence AT LEAST 12 months prior to the purchase.  Apparently, men can get more pleasure from the research into a significant purchase (car, laptop, TV, various IT gadgets), than the actual purchase itself. 

Oh how different we men and women are.

I have no doubt at all that he could recite the listings of all the Mazda CX9’s, Land Rovers and Toyota Klugers on that website.

Caught in the act

With his mini-me. Teaching James the art of car research early

Well, at least it’s not porn 😀


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